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The #HashtagWar to End All Wars - @midnight with Chris Hardwick - Uncensored
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 weeks ago


For the first time ever, Chris joins the comedians for an intense round of #HashtagWars.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
HI CHRIS -#-Best_Job_I_Ever_Had.
GR8 Run!
If U are looking for a new show to add to Ur collection, check out My latest tweets for a possible opportunity to Referee Pubs & Dems 'Bates, or maybe 'Baits, or... How about: Master 'Baters!
Could Be Fun.

2 weeks ago
tv is dead
raft city bitch
baby human centipede
music maaaan
lethal injection
cum together
super smashed bros
Snake Shelton
How to get away with murdering 19 kids and counting
bad blood diamond mountain
I give up,
I should go back to work now

2 weeks ago
put this on the game show network in the middle of the day to give old people something fun to watch #CouldBeTheNewPriceIsRight

2 weeks ago
5:25 some say, he's still waiting for that high five.

2 weeks ago
Stink 182 the poofighters 😂😂😂

2 weeks ago
CrocAdele 👏..

2 weeks ago
Fuck the haters. I'm gonna miss this show a lot, and I'm especially gonna miss the Hashtag Wars.

2 weeks ago
watch an all-new season of @midnight coming soon to youtube red, amazonprime, netflix, or whatever the hell they can sell it to.
seriously, tho, gonna miss you guys (except Tom who's never really funny even tho he tries)

2 weeks ago
fuck this guy is a faggot

2 weeks ago
Over rated piece of shit. Cry baby ass host

2 weeks ago
The fk happened to Ron funches didn't even recognize him

2 weeks ago
Will miss these clips, thanks Chris for the laughs

2 weeks ago
Oh no I like this show ... I like it more then the piece of shit of the president show they made

2 weeks ago
one of my fav shows, i will miss it

2 weeks ago
Colton Dunn!!!

2 weeks ago
going to miss this show

2 weeks ago
Why did this make me so inexplicably happy lol

2 weeks ago
Aww Chris!! Loved him on the soup, loved him in hard n phirm, and love him on talking dead, gonna miss him and @midnight!!!!

2 weeks ago
I'm, gonna miss this show. i expect multiple reunion specials

2 weeks ago
Aww.. :/ I always thought the Hashtag wars were funny. And I actually liked Mr. Hardwick but well.. Wishing them all the best~

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