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Top Ten Facts about the James Webb Space Telescope
   NASA Goddard
  Published: 1 year ago


The James Webb Space Telescope will be the largest telescope ever sent into space. It is the result of efforts from NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency and will peer to the edges of the visible universe. This video highlights some of the Webb’s most impressive facts.

Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Sophia Roberts

Music: Expanding Time and Space by Daniel jay Nielsen

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
I've been waiting for the jwst to launch for last countless years. Get it done nasa

1 day ago
Can't wait!

2 weeks ago
let's hope this thing launches successfully & deploys properly

2 weeks ago
Ay... That’s pretty good!

2 weeks ago
As my calculations say, the Quasars create dark matter until the galaxy they help to create stabilized and that stops the AGN, soon I will show my calculations.

2 weeks ago
If that thing blows up on launch i will legit cry

3 weeks ago
I better not get a life threatening disease or something before this. I must live to see this. lol

3 weeks ago
35 dislike this? wow. what kind of person does it take to do that?

1 month ago
i am very exited from early 2017 when i first knew about Webb telescope cant wait for its launch

2 months ago
I hope there was 2 made ??

2 months ago
Will it have an emergency escape system in case the rocket explodes during boost phase?

2 months ago
Lovely piece of work! Big Bang theory finally at stake? ^_^ (guess not)

2 months ago
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has experienced another delay. The telescope will now launch between March and June of 2019, instead of the previously planned launch of October 2018. :(

3 months ago
I had tears in my eyes watching this, can't wait to see what we will discover, Respect to all who is involved in this project.

3 months ago
All this time and money and the thing will probably blow up on launch.

3 months ago
Miles... Fahrenheit... Anyone that can convert for me?

4 months ago
1:27 'FAHRENHEIT'? REALLY? I thought we were talking science here

4 months ago
Nasa Goddard:

What will the faintest limiting magnitude grasp for the James Webb Telescope be?

4 months ago
Now lets see if we can found aliens!

5 months ago
If this launch is gonna crash, im literally gonna cry

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