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The Cloverfield Paradox - Spoiler Review
   Chris Stuckmann
  Published: 2 weeks ago



Chris Stuckmann reviews The Cloverfield Paradox, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, Daniel Brühl, Chris O'Dowd, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, Roger Davies, Aksel Hennie. Directed by Julius Onah.
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26 minutes ago
The ventilate water thing would not instantly freeze, but boil in low pressure space from water in liquid state. She'd still be dead though which is the point.

45 minutes ago
It's really not that hard to figure out? Them firing the reactor causes a ripple in space time and each film is a different dimension there's plenty of videos on YouTube that explain it with canon evidence from the film's, I thought it was a great movie

11 hours ago
This film is fucking diabolical. It isn't even a Cloverfield movie, they just stuck a few scenes onto it to try and connect it but it didn't work at all.

11 hours ago
I just want a movie about the monster. Man that thing was huge at the end.

12 hours ago
The point of this film is to get you “LOST” see what I did there.....

21 hours ago
10 years,3 movies,and still no answers.

21 hours ago
This movie was rushed, bland and unoriginal, imo. It felt very much like the tv show Fringe, that also has an alternate reality where a main character's deceased child is still alive (and a scene where a person merges with a building when the two dimensions merge). We also get to see more brilliant scientist-astronauts falling into the Prometheus/Alien: Covenant trap of being annoyingly clueless when it comes to realising certain obvious facts about their situation and dealing with them. Also: how is a space station that goes to hell because of condensation going to power the whole planet indefinitely? Good luck with that.

(side note: Germany starts WW3. They could have chosen any country, but no, it's Germany. That's not lazy, American, culturally insensitive writing at all....)

22 hours ago
Who else here wants a District 9 sequel?

23 hours ago
JJ Abrams revealed cloverfield is a baby

24 hours ago
The Cloverfield series is, and was always intended to be, an anthology series with separate universes and no central timeline, which renders virtually this entire review moot. Also, the 'pointless scene' with the conspiracy theorist on the news is the bit that ties them all together, and, yes, it is that piss-weak.

Also, this movie was shit.

1 day ago
I miss then when this series was a simple Twilight Zone/Outer Limits concept and each film was a simple Sci-Fi concept wrapped up in a 90 minute movie.

The film threads could be great movies in their own right.

The world collapsing in chaos due to energy depletion; great concept with enough time to flesh it out, would be a great apocalyptic story with a very sobering message.

The husband and kid in the car; great concept, like 'The Mist' in a road trip. Monsters are taking over the world and two people are just trying to drive their way to safety/find relatives.

The space station in peril due to paradoxical time lapses colliding realities; great concept. Like '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Gravity' but with a bit more of a play on the time-travel stuff of '2001.'

Put together, there's not enough time to let all of them breath.

The talent and budget was wasted cramming everything into one, rather than letting it tell a great story. Also, trying to tie up the loose ends now has, ruined the first movie now, and the second one seems pointless.

1 day ago
It would seem he doesn’t know about the arg

1 day ago
If you think it had nothing connected to Cloverfield then you're right. It's because it originally wasn't a Cloverfield movie. It was it's own thing and producers realized it wasn't that great so they did a little editing and stuck the Cloverfield name on it. That's the only connection.

1 day ago
In the movie right after they cross over into the other dimension. The people on Earth talk about the debris falling from the sky after the power thing goes to shit.. that could explain the crashed "satellite" that woke up the Cloverfield monster in the first movie. Which would be the point that they fucked up and crossed into the other dimension. They showed debris in the water in the new movie.

1 day ago
conclusion: I can fuck with every cloverfield rule and don't care because it's J.J. Abrams' movie where everything could happen in alternate dimensions. There's no right or wrong just like his version of the star wars. I hate that. It's lazy

1 day ago
It would always be a problem for film goers who want the scrips to be written purely / originally for the universe. Purchasing an already written outside script (not Cloverfield related at all), would possibly lead to connection / integrity / logic issues and the want/need to pepper in easter eggs could strain if scenes were filmed solely to get a sign, toy, audio reference into the puzzle . . . it's hard to rebuild an already made puzzle even if you're kinda good at that and have the tools.

Any ways, I'll use Cloverfield Paradox to explain the unanswered mysteries of other movie and tv universes . . like departure day in the Leftovers . . Paraodox caused it, shifted those poor folks into Clovie's planet to be eaten. So long to using LOST and the uncorking as the cause(s).

2 days ago
but i'm still kid 😔

2 days ago
Jj abrams did "Lost" so maybe all these tentpole productions he is involved in are causing him to need a screwy release valve. And chris o'dowd is not here to give you readings from King Lear... which i like...

2 days ago
When Chris gives a movie a mixed review, you know its utter garbage

2 days ago
I liked the movie and I haven't even watched the other two movies ...

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