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Zambia cholera outbreak 🇿🇲: Riots over emergency measures
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


Street vendors arrived on the outskirts of the Zambian capital Lusaka to find that their food stalls had been shut down after they had set up shop in defiance of emergency measures that banned public gatherings and imposed a curfew.

Police say they've contained rioting from angry street vendors.

The government says market places like these are breeding grounds for cholera.

And while it accepts the new rules are tough, it isn’t backing down.

At least 70 people have died in the outbreak in more than three months.

The government says it’s confident the disease will be stamped out in a few weeks.

Al Jazeera's Mereana Hond reports.

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1 week ago
Get ready for all the white people saying trump was right because you now white people have been touched by Jesus.

1 week ago
fake news or trump is right?

1 week ago
I can understand them wanting to make sure that there is no serious outbreaks, but you really can't keep people contained and away from each-other that's inhumane. The government should take measures to make sure they build facilities to clean their water supplies and quarantine infected areas where there is an abundance of sewerage. It also has a lot to do with people and how they look at sanitation as individuals, that can help keep the contamination down as well. I remember when they had the Ebola outbreak and they said that it comes from monkey meat of infested monkeys, they still not only kept eating the meat but also was shipping it to family that was in major cities like New York and LA. People themselves as well as governments are responsible for outbreaks, the only difference is that governments in these poor countries don't like to take the blame, they blame the people and come down hard on them, when the problem lays mostly with them. SMDH

1 week ago
Zambia is a great country, there is no outbreak at all. Fake and racist.

1 week ago
The black man cant run a dayum thing heres the proof.

1 week ago
Lets send all the liberal scum there to live, africa needs diversity.

1 week ago
There are international emergency rescue committees in the US and UK. What do they even do after they've taken out tax money since they're neither prepared nor present at disaster zones?

1 week ago
The government of Zambia should teach biology to all of its citizens.

1 week ago
Cholera is a 💩 based disease...😁

1 week ago
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1 week ago
Trump is right

1 week ago
Omg having babies in poor areas mean chlorea! So mamy stupid people in the world. This is the governments fault they need better sewage systems. These countries don't have a overpopulation problem their countries resources can support their people. Problem is corruption from the inside and outside western countries. If having babies was a issue then China would always have a epidemic. Whites always wanna say stop having babies because really they hate the fact Melanated people flourishing when they "they the whites" are having low birth rates high suicide rates drug overdoses and the sun burning y'all unnatural white pasty skin.... The sun hates you people. Worry about your people go back to the Caucasus mountains where thr sun is less harsh on you people and just maybe your birth rates will go up instead of being jealous telling Melanated people stop having babies in their own countries.

1 week ago
So many plagues are manufactured in laboratories and sent to Africa in all manner of "humanitarian" disguises.

1 week ago
Free bit of advice....QUIT HAVING BABIES

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