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Meet Chloe Kim, the Snowboarder Who Makes the Halfpipe Look Easy | NYT - Winter Olympics
   The New York Times
  Published: 7 days ago


Chloe Kim was an emerging force in snowboarding when she qualified for the 2014 Olympics at age 13, and she continues to win.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 hours ago
shes so hot

1 day ago
shes cute , being small asian like deff helps her both sides of the spectrum, speed , light agile

2 days ago
Aw she's so cute!! Love her

2 days ago
So her dad planned her life for her. Cool.

2 days ago
China owns our debt and they make up our Olympic team

2 days ago
Love how the dad used his engineering skills to teach Chloe techniques!

2 days ago
Hey donald trump this is america

2 days ago
She is the flying squirrel!
Except she's after the gold,not nuts!😁

2 days ago
If it’s not on Fox, I’m not watching.

3 days ago
Asian father approves!

3 days ago
Spectacular in the air, WOW !!!

3 days ago
"It's just common sense," he says. I think it's mind blowing.

3 days ago
Very talented

4 days ago
her dads skin is so nice

4 days ago
can we please stop pretending and promoting this feminist trash?

female are not, and never will be, better then men at any sport or physical activity. accept it.

4 days ago
Was psyched to see her before Olympics started! Glad she's had so much success Chloe Kim is definetly an athlete I'll watching more

4 days ago
Asians r dope

4 days ago
Congratulations Chloe!!!!!!

4 days ago
this would be so much better without the bro vocals

4 days ago
Good job girl 😍👍🏻💐

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