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Tosh.0 - Girls Ask Daniel Questions
   Comedy Central
  Published: 4 years ago


Inspired by BuzzFeed's "Guys Answer the Questions All Girls Want to Know," Daniel answers questions from women in the Tosh.0 audience.

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4 days ago
"Physically? No."

7 days ago
He might be an asshole but he came to Vegas after the shootings so he’s cool in my book

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
I hate those Buzzfeed hipster bitches!!
I'm pretty sure that they're all gay.

2 weeks ago
Lol a vagina is soft and idk how to describe velvety😂😂😂 that guy needs to just come out of the closet already.

3 weeks ago
This is why Malloy is a asshole from BrickleBerry

4 weeks ago

1 month ago
I'm not against it marriage is for gay people...

1 month ago
Is this the Tosh.0 Lord Of The Rings elven armor edition?

1 month ago
The girl at 2:00 I'm who asked "why are guys obsessed with anal?". Had a look on her face when saying it that said. I ask, because I've practiced forever and have it down now. I am an anal queen.

1 month ago
Hes the best

1 month ago

1 month ago
Honestly marriage is a dumb thing to do if you’re a guy. Unless the woman is somehow retarded during a court trial about a divorce, the dude will always get the worst end, even if he’s the victim from that marriage.

1 month ago
It's true. No straight guy is thinking, "Oh boy! I want to dress up in a tux on a hot summer's day and stand up at an altar in front of a priest that I have no connection to while God, which I'm pretty sure is fake, spiritually and (somehow) legally binds me to a woman that I'm kinda chill with!"

If a guy honestly likes you, he only proposes because he knows that you'll just leave him if he doesn't propose. If it were really up to a guy, y'all could just spend that wedding money on buying a new house together.

2 months ago
Oh and marriage is for gays and women. That's funny as hell. I have no desire to get married and be trapped. I don't date people that you have to force to commit.😂

2 months ago
But seriously what's the obsession with anal. Why are you so eager to put your dick in the hole I shit and fart out of?

2 months ago
He's such a salami

2 months ago
Those girls asking questions looked so professionally serious.
That one gay dude needs to just come out. How does something that’s wet feel soft. What does he think sex feels like... rubbing your dick against a panda bear.

2 months ago
Yo, COME WATCH my videos for absolutely no reason.

3 months ago
Greatest comedian of all time!

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