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Webb Telescope Deployment Sequence
   Hubble Space Telescope
  Published: 2 years ago


NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, the most powerful infrared science observatory ever to be sent into space. From its orbit nearly a million miles from Earth, Webb will study some of the most distant objects in the universe -- but first it has to get there. Webb will be folded up inside the rocket that launches it into space, gradually unfurling as it travels to its destination beyond the Moon. This video depicts Webb's journey into orbit, capturing both its travel time and distance and its transformation as it deploys.

Produced by NASA and Northrop Grumman
Narration: Lee Arenberg
Writer and Director: Jonathan Arenberg
Script Consultants: Jon Lawrence, Carl Starr, Marc Kirkpatrick, Joel Green, Andy Salvatore, Connie Reese, and Bill Morelli
Technical Consultants: Brandyn Bok, Jonathan Lowe, Michale Mesarch, and Karen Richon
Animation: Faren Mandel, Vladimir Sierra, Tony Carrillo, and Juan Bautista
Voice Direction and Recording: Dan Koblosh
Editing and Music direction: Bob Jaques
Astronomical Images:
Special Thanks: Arianespace
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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 days ago
Everyone involved ; THANK YOU Just incredible the Webb Telescope. I was mesmerized

1 week ago
Unlike Hubble James Webb,s orbit is way far out in space. Hubble was repaired and updated several times by the brave astronauts. James webb will not have a second chance. Makes it so stressful. I hope everything goes ok with the launch .

2 weeks ago
2 weeks to fully deploy itself? Cmon... You guys can do better than that wtf

2 weeks ago
Never going to work. Far too many delicate parts, places for failure. Remember Hubble? Some dumbasses screwed the mirror and it had to be saved by the Space Shuttle. No one to fix this thing.

2 weeks ago
It just turned 2018, and now, after watching this video, the launch date of 2019 for the Webb Space Telescope can't get here fast enough. As good as the Hubble space telescope was (and it still is!) this is going to be like giving Mr. MaGoo not just a new set of freshly cleaned glasses, but new telescopic eyeballs the size of his bank account! I truly am excited about this, and am just a bit terrified of what it might actually find out there as space is not the friendliest of places to hang out. Yet I wonder, will we get to see what it finds without image doctoring and or manipulation, or even classification beyond the public purview? We know so little. This can show us so much.

2 weeks ago
Hope they have a plan to fix whatever messes up because it is bound to.

2 weeks ago
Please please please tell me about the name of background music which has been used here! Music starts from 4:10

3 weeks ago
Happy new year JWST

3 weeks ago
What could possibly go wrong? remember when we/they launched Hubble... with the deformed mirrors? webbs almost inevitable malfunction would be the farthest man mission ever, and would probably be pushed out 5-8 years

3 weeks ago
So, there are 47 people on this planet, that have watched this and found it lacking? Let me guess, they all voted for Donnie LIttle Hands? Fundamentalist Christians that think it is a sin to look upon the face of God? Flat Earthers that think, well... they don't really think, do they? If you have watched this and dislike it, I would like to know what about this it is that brought you to that decision. 70 years ago, not a single man-made object had left Earth and gone into space. Now, we look beyond the known universe and back into time to the point of the Big Bang. It was more of a hum, or so the evidence seems to indicate. But there are people that dislike everything. Just wondering what it is about this they dislike. Peace,

4 weeks ago
The volume of background music is louder than the audio. Couldn't hear much.

4 weeks ago
holy shit! such as very very very complex things to do and planing! mind blowing! how smart is human can build this thing!

4 weeks ago
why do morons have to put music to everything interesting --the music is louder then the voice

1 month ago
Has anyone in Cosmology predicted anything completely independent of Einstein's and Hubble's work?

1 month ago
I hope they are making a backup telescope

1 month ago
Absolutely fascinating!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to be alive at this time!!!!!!!!!

1 month ago
Does Vegas have dozens of prop bets on this mission? I mean, 1 mil miles, an unfoldable origami?? And what if something simple but is of the up most importance, for success, goes wrong? Are they gonna gas up the space shuttle and go press the button?

I hope and pray for complete success but at the same time, Trump is in office and karma scares me....

1 month ago
Cool, I just look up the Webb telescope because we were talking about it at school. Its really intresting how nasa can pull this off! Please like this comment ;)

1 month ago
Google American scum stole funding for telescope why it was delayed years

1 month ago
this thing is going to fail and all space funding will be canceled

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