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Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

58 seconds ago
finally white on white action..

4 minutes ago
So many sheep in the comments😂

7 minutes ago
Pretty dead without a beat

8 minutes ago
He looks healthier then he use to.

8 minutes ago
What is so bad about Trump?

12 minutes ago
Thanks em for using this platform to speak up when most artist are blacking out on stage.

15 minutes ago
них*я не понял)

23 minutes ago
Whats the song on first seconds of the video

25 minutes ago
"thats a awfully hot coffee pot...." 😂😂 what happen em?

26 minutes ago
It ain't cool to diss your fans em. Drawing a line in the sand is dividing us not uniting us.

32 minutes ago
You guys call everyone liberals that speak on politics, but you do it all the time... what that make you???

36 minutes ago
It' the calm before the storm right, got a hot round in the chamber should I fire it at Eminem probably not, cause he's racist towards his own people and others, he starts twitter wars and forgets about his home in Detroit the poor and run down city while he's screaming f the free world, he used to praise trump but that was before he ran for office and threatened his liberal friends, put your hands up if your against Eminem and his political elite friends.

43 minutes ago
This is so shit...

47 minutes ago

60 minutes ago

1 hour ago
Wow! Let me just say to E. bravo, now to all who have a problem with this, let me just say, if a man approach you and lie to you, make fun of your handicap brother, talk down to your best friend parents who child has pass, Lie to you some more, lie in your face, lie about you, the climate, disrespect your sister (any woman you know). every time he is wrong never admit it, never apologize about anything he do wrong, friends with and well like by Nazis and white supremist, cheat and break the law.
If this was someone you like or love wouldn't you try to research all these allegations if not just to clear up your friend? There is nothing E. rapped about that was not true! Everything he said can be proven and researched, Most of all this is on videos and cannot be refuted. so please remove the color from the face, remove the label given to your friend and look at him as a man he was born as, now that you see him as a man like you and me or anyone else, now add all the facts after you check all the proof, then you come back to this page and give Eminem a thumbs up.

1 hour ago
I would like to think he was off that day. But....

1 hour ago
That’s not Eminem

1 hour ago
This doesn't even look like Eminem

2 hours ago
Is he aribc

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