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Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher
  Published: 4 months ago


Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 minutes ago
Eminem You Rock brother, we all are Sons of Adam. Please Mr Trump don't devide the people, don't take us back to history let's move Forward. With nothing but love for all life's.. Black white Spanish Muslims Christians all just one big Family... hate is no good to our souls.....

2 hours ago
F*** Tramp

3 hours ago

3 hours ago
Eminem is very stupid. My cat is more smart than he.

3 hours ago
Holy S****t 1million likes!

4 hours ago
"Freestyle" my arse more like 2 days rehearsals and a dozen takes.

4 hours ago
This is actually trash.

7 hours ago
who ever gave this video a thumbs down they stupid have you like not listened to the rap? everything eminem is saying is true! why does trump say things he's not gonna actually do ya know he just keeps lyin to you...

7 hours ago
Trump supports are gay like trump

7 hours ago
White people salty Em's ripping apart Trump in raps like we hadn't heard campaign speech a year ago...

7 hours ago
I'm all for you Eminem 😍

8 hours ago
Sobeyond is the next eminem!!

8 hours ago
0:51 when big shaq is in the house

9 hours ago
U R A PIG enema

9 hours ago
3:35 the old voice of EMINEM😪❤💙

9 hours ago
Eminem , I am just a American woman who raised 2 daughters , married , own homes and worked like most American people do . However: you need someone like me to tell you to your face how I do support our president and all your stupid lyrics talking CRAP about our president ?? Where do you get your facts ???? back it up !! You are not the super star any more ...get over it !!! The only way you can make young people , old folks { Who still live in the 70ies} your followers is to rap , betraying your country and the leader calling him racist ?? And giving kudios to obama who brought nothing but desolation to our country ?? I fear no man and respond back .... I dare you !!!

12 hours ago
This is why i like Eminem!

12 hours ago

13 hours ago
Eminem is a dumb stupid idiot who is dumb bitch unit

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