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2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Recap I NBC Sports
   NBC Sports
  Published: 1 week ago


The 2018 Winter Olympics are officially underway! The Opening Ceremony at PyeongChang provided an incredible visual experience for viewers while Team USA figure skating and curling had their struggles on Friday.

Watch the entire Opening Ceremony tonight in Primetime at 8pm ET on NBC!
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14 hours ago
Why is Korea still eligible for hosting any sports event? Seriously why? After the disgusting things they have done in the World Cup, and summer Olympics.

19 hours ago
Why is it all USA

2 days ago

3 days ago
Imagine how much money NBC could save if were not hiring these people who talk and talk and talk and talk without actually having anything to say. They absolutely ruin figure skating, which is a much more emotional sport, in which hearing music is extremely important. Very annoying coverage.

3 days ago I found some opening highlights :)

4 days ago
"the opening ceremony featured South Korea's technology, culture, and pride. " ..but instead of showing you were gonna talk about it. Click bait. Dislike

4 days ago
United States Olympic Committee you are a shameful organization of crooks that lets the Olympic Athletes live on poverty wages while you rake in millions paying your CEOs 6 figures or more. You don't even allow them to garner their own sponsors to make a living unless you are paid by those companies. Your a joke and I hope the athletes unionize and get what they really deserve.

4 days ago
No it sucks

5 days ago
Shaun White was on an episode of Henry Danger

5 days ago
Anybody gonna mention the dome projection that's being shown at the beginning smh. Are people really this conditioned ?

6 days ago
Man.. When the reporter said technology culture, it made me think of the korean group NCT (Neo culture technology) and their recent yearbook #2 teaser. Good song...

6 days ago

6 days ago
why did i just watch cell phone video on a news channel. wtf

6 days ago
NO CAPTIONS, HEY NBC SPORTS do your little part for hearing disability!

6 days ago
you make me uncomfortable

7 days ago
For some reason I am being odstructed from watching the Olympics

7 days ago
This is SO cool!!!!!!!!!!

7 days ago
So 😎

7 days ago
Why is this titled "Opening Ceremony Recap" at all?

1 week ago
Dislike # 700

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