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Floyd Mayweather Is Clueless When Asked About The #MeToo Movement
   Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM
  Published: 1 week ago


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34 minutes ago
Yeah Charla, he should take your advice. 🙄

1 hour ago

3 hours ago
I know nothing about the metoomovement

4 hours ago
I see y'all stepping up the Cooning , CTG and friends!!!!!

5 hours ago
Pound(#)METOO. Get it?

7 hours ago
I hate Floyd Mayweather with a passion.

7 hours ago
his ignorance is blissful, he doesn't know and doesn't care. he's illiterate and clueless. money wasted...

8 hours ago
Honestly, I didn’t know what it was. He probably was embarrassed and made a joke of himself. This one can pass.

9 hours ago
When people say MeToo I'm thinking Pharrell and CLipse so I dont know if thats any better

10 hours ago

11 hours ago

14 hours ago
Like wayne when it comes to issues in the world they really be OBLIVIOUS its sad tbh

16 hours ago
Me too is a lie. Women's Anger and Jealousy has started this crap. Leave Men alone women

18 hours ago
lmao Floyd's a G

19 hours ago
Never heard of it but Floyd mayweather Jr response is ignorant.

20 hours ago
This man can barely read. Why would he be socially aware. He only looks at pictures.

21 hours ago
The me too movement is a shit movement, if you demand the same rights of men but demand special treatment your me too movement can kiss my ass. If you want a job and the person giving you the job ask for sexual favors all you got to do is say no and report their ass to the police, it's that simple, you can't give up the ass for the job, or the role in some movie, become super rich and sucessful and then cry fake tears of oppression, if you were worth a damn you wouldn't have taken the easy way to the top, you would've worked hard and got their on skill and talent, that's why this movement is full of shit.

21 hours ago
Floyd is an embarrassment, you can’t excuse a persons ignorance and stupidity just because they are wealthy

22 hours ago
Haaa boy if you dont stfu....yall mad cuz he dont know bout that shit

22 hours ago
Floyd being so dismissive is why he is a jackass

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