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Jordan Klepper: Good Guy with a Gun: The Daily Show
   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Published: 2 years ago


Jordan Klepper sets out to determine the likelihood of another gun owner stopping an active shooter.

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1 day ago
The presenter being a fucking idiot isn't exactly convincing anyone of anything

3 days ago
This thing is missing the point. If teachers were armed, and the bad guys knew that, they would be much less likely to go into that school and commit a mass shooting. Even if they did, there would be a higher percent chance that the shooting would be stopped quickly because the teachers had guns to defend their students and themselves with. Do you know why only 3 percent of shootings were stopped by a good guy with a gun? It's because the bad guys go into Churches, Hospitals, Schools, where they know that no one will be there with a gun who can stop them. Only 3 percent of shootings were stopped by a good guy with a gun because there were not enough good guys with guns in the area that the shooting took place. Do I think that we should give any swinging dick a gun and 8 hours of training and say "You're good now" hell no. There should be at least a full week of training on gun safety and operation.

3 days ago
This is more important than ever.

7 days ago
The one thing I have never liked of the gun carrier logic is that they automatically assume they are the "good" guys. All of their rationalizations center around this notion that they are just inherently "good". "Good" is not a permanent status that is just bestowed upon you because you think you are. It is a direct reflection of you your thoughts and and actions in any given situation. And what is "good" for you does not mean it is good for everyone else.

1 week ago
I'm REALLY trying to "get" Jordan Klepper. It took me a long time to get Colbert.

2 weeks ago
Never sieze to amaze me, in a bad way, how American citizens are unable to see the rest of the western world functioning amazingly well with their gun controll laws. How can you be so blind to the fact that violence spawns more violence!? How can you belive for just a moment that 8 Hours of "training" can turn you into a firearms expert?! It is a delusional world that Americana are living in. Please! Build that wonderful, beautifull wall around your whole United States and Stay in there.

2 weeks ago
He said d*ck twice. is that legal? aren't they supposed to bleep out bad words
- I was just wondering

2 weeks ago
Some people will make the argument that they carry guns for their safety, and I respect someone wanting that feeling in an evil world, but wouldn't we be safer if no one had a gun to begin with? But then again how would these hard working arms manufacturers make a living then

2 weeks ago
Some people just don't get the irony...we're fucked

3 weeks ago
This comment section is a bunch of gun control nuts lol

3 weeks ago
if only 100% of americans had guns and could use them freely ...maybe then we will know peace on Earth (warning: handle sarcasm with care)

4 weeks ago
Then America turns to a prison where people don’t see they in person and they taking care of each other...

4 weeks ago
If only all gun nuts were as smart as Latif this good guy bad guy thing is nonsense because if a cop walks into a store and sees a dead guy with a gun on the ground and the good guy store clerk behind the register the cop isn't gonna stop and ask oh so he tried to rob you huh no the cop will fire at the good guy EDIT you know what never mind I ended up finishing the video and I realized that the alert officer was the correct one

4 weeks ago
There is no good guys with guns,you need to use tranquilizer(the strong one).
Or at least recruit un corrupted citizen or far sees possible citizen to cover your bloody asses🤣🤣🤣

1 month ago
Thtes mean that the only wey to stop isis is whath good muslam wath agun 😂😆

1 month ago
Cant we put all those morons screaming we need more guns on that last course he took? Im sure they would change their minds very quickly

1 month ago
I don't think this guy has a dick or balls.

1 month ago
Hey there American Americans. I am a German American. Never lived in the states but I am a US citizen. I don't consider myself as American but my documents say different.
Important question from me here in europe.
Can I send this application to Florida, fly there for a day and do the same stuff this dude in the clip does?

That would be super awesome. Because I am a little bit scared to go on a longer vacation visiting my family. I would feel safer if I had a gun in my "home" country.

1 month ago

1 month ago
Wow the daily show has really hit rock bottom.

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