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Gravity Visualized
  Published: 6 years ago


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Dan Burns explains his space-time warping demo at a PTSOS workshop at Los Gatos High School, on March 10, 2012. Thanks to Shannon Range from the Gravity Probe B program for creating the original demonstration which he shared with Dan in 2004.
Information on how to make your own Spacetime Simulator can be found here:
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2 hours ago
But we wanna play Mr. Burns

3 hours ago
Just horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 hours ago
Only 83 left!

5 hours ago
Teacher's like this is what made me fall in love with science.

7 hours ago
Is the Earth getting closer to the sun because of its gravity?

7 hours ago

7 hours ago
The only thing that needs to be pointed out explicitly - objects "move" through time too, that's why they "start" moving together - their movement in time becomes apparent due to the curvature which makes their trajectories convergent.

7 hours ago
"I'm fixing a tear in the fabric of space what does it look like I'm doing?" xD

8 hours ago
The professor sounds like Rick Sanchez

9 hours ago
I remember playing with one of these at a.. tech..nical place as a kid, tons of fun!

9 hours ago
Time exists? Space time? It does? You sure? Are you positive? Really?

9 hours ago
He idiot. .

11 hours ago
4:45 somebody farted.. WutFace

12 hours ago
41M views... holy

12 hours ago
I'd love two changes:
- somehow reduce the friction of this by a lot. This would be a matter of changing the involved materials. Not sure if anything as cheap could be more effective though.
- add extra degrees of freedom. For instance, perhaps it could be set on a freely rotating frame. Or perhaps it could even be put on a motor so you can control a base rotation speed, to partially counteract the friction. That would definitely be quite a bit pricier though.

14 hours ago
Proof we exist in a simulation? 😝

15 hours ago
Did I miss something? What governs the preferred way/ direction of orbit? Surely this isn't chance/chaos theory?

15 hours ago
Woah the teacher got more than 2 BALLS

16 hours ago
Flat Earthers hate this video. lol

18 hours ago
Well, there's a question that has always made me wonder. Describing gravity in the way that a massive object would make another object fall into its dragging-down curvature seems to me as assuming that there's another force of gravity outside (beyond) space-time that is causing the other object to fall into the curvature??

In other words, this model would never have worked without the actual gravity of earth, which is coming from outside the space-time fiber model.

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