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Gravity Visualized
  Published: 6 years ago


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Dan Burns explains his space-time warping demo at a PTSOS workshop at Los Gatos High School, on March 10, 2012. Thanks to Shannon Range from the Gravity Probe B program for creating the original demonstration which he shared with Dan in 2004.
Information on how to make your own Spacetime Simulator can be found here:
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2 hours ago
But still can't test the earth is moving ppl are crazy

2 hours ago
I bet the person making this didn't know that he could have a millions of dollars!

6 hours ago
If something had enough mass, would it break a hole in space time, collapsing making a wormhole or a black hole

8 hours ago
When is he going to demonstrate how to bag bad bitches?

9 hours ago
Space and time do NOT bend. Space (and time) are neither fields nor forces and ergo do not act on (or react to) anything at all. Einstein's biggest blunder was in actuality his feeble attempt to reify space AS something that DOES something- which is literally as ridiculous as attempting to reify a shadow as something other than a privation of light! All research under such a paradigm is doomed to oblivion. Space is nothing more than the absence of inertia (otherwise known as the aether). Unlike space, curvilinear lines of centrifugal, divergent magnetic flux (i.e. spatially polarized dielectricity in discharge) which CREATE space as a posterior attribute wake-front of the loss of inertia (with movements of magnitude through which we call "time") certainly do bend, and engulf ALL incoherent agglomerations of Euclidean mass or matter.

The extrapolation of this field and it's binding centrifugal/ centripetal vectors manifests as essentially a gyro-magnetic toroid (reciprocating precessional hyperbolid)- as painted by light under a ferrocell. This 4D spherical torus DEFINES the 3D sphere or globe, which is precisely why all Cartesian objects or phenomena more than a few hundred kilometers in diameter are- by definition- intrinsically globular. This incommensurate self-similar fractal geometry all the way down to the atomic and Planck length means they cannot possibly exist as any other form whilst simultaneously retaining Cartesian loci. Gravity is simply the ERASURE of force and motion vectors extrapolated as they move towards counterspace. Nothing more than an incoherent dielectric voidance. Mother nature does not do math and does not own a calculator.

"Mother nature is not a cross-eyed hooker on crack with a bag of magic beans and unicorn particles... She is divinely and irredicibly simplex!"

10 hours ago
Why is this so popular?

11 hours ago

12 hours ago
"And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming."
Al Quran [21:33]

21 hours ago
Bike shorts. Hahahahahaha!

22 hours ago
That black dots irritating me

23 hours ago
isn't it weird that you are explaining gravitation with the help of gravity? will this concept work in zero gravity?

1 day ago
you fools have to be real dumb to take this crap as proof of gravity.

1 day ago
That is so stupid it makes my brain commit suicide cell by cell

1 day ago
will this work in the absence of the gravity? this explanation is not at all satisfying.

1 day ago
Rick Sanchez exists but in a different body

1 day ago
He's doing it on a flat surface... Which only means the earth is flat

2 days ago
3 seconds for extra add revenue

2 days ago
I don't know anything about this but all his analogy is tested on gravitanola space "🌎". In a space without gravity would it pay the same effect? "Space" And why everything rotates around from the sides and not up and down?? Is it bcuz it gets eliminated line he says? I don't see objects rotating up and down but just around the sides.??why is that.

2 days ago
But he sounds like bianca del Rio

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