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  Published: 2 weeks ago


*Snapchat: brawadis

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9 minutes ago
you know count : 10989

44 minutes ago
I got the same Kyrie’s that he plays ball in lol 10:10

2 hours ago

3 hours ago
So they just casually were way apart then slowly drifted together and are.sitting together

3 hours ago
Kobe played for the hornets but got traded imeaditly

3 hours ago
I feel like there still dating just look at the way he’s like talks to her

4 hours ago
I miss Brandon & Jackie.... as soon as I saw Jackie I screamed Ik that they’re friends but I miss them together 24/7 😫😫😫💔✨

5 hours ago
If you will die for it you wont have it because you would be dead

6 hours ago
When did him n Jackie breakup?

7 hours ago
“Marrying my ex!” Guys me and jackie are not together we are just getting married as friends everyone takes it out of proportion 😂😂

8 hours ago
Why can't you get back together with her she was so sweet please can you get back with her brawadis b

9 hours ago
Get back together

11 hours ago
Brandon still has sex with her...

15 hours ago
Have they smashed???

16 hours ago
You still love her go ahead and i will be happy more if you do that

17 hours ago
Bro just get back together because who buys there “close friend” that

17 hours ago
If you have the nerve to buy her gucci just get back together or are you just doing it for fame??

20 hours ago
I think she still likes u 😁

20 hours ago
Brandon Kobe got drafted to the Charlotte hornets not the Lakers

21 hours ago
I cringe every time a youtuber says Givenchy, yet to find someone who pronounces it correct.

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