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Hawaii 🇺🇸: False missile alert sparks panic in the island
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


Hawaii's governor has apologised for an accidental message sent out by the state to every mobile phone in the island, warning of an imminent missile attack.

The mistaken alert triggered panic among many Hawaiians who scrambled to find shelter.

The Emergency Management Agency later confirmed it was a false alarm.

Al Jazeera's Patty Culhane reports from Washington.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

23 hours ago
A missile was sent to get World War 3 started and it was sent by the elite cabal families that run the world. The white hats blew it out of the sky and destroyed their submarine that sent it. Research it. There's major battles going on behind the scenes right now. MSM will never talk about it but it's happening do some research on it.

4 days ago
Last year Russia held drills where they moved millions of people into nuclear bunkers built by the government but here in the West, we're sent a text message and encouraged to hide under the kitchen table.

7 days ago
The people on volcanic no escape islands just figured they might not be ready for the real thing!? Maybe they need a big wall, keep out those immigrant ballistic missiles...

7 days ago
I was scared I thought it was the end of me

1 week ago
Love watching the crisis actor's crying and blabbing about tossing those kids under the blanket. NBC reporter in Washington, then just found himself in Hawaii. ? Ha ha ha..of course the missile from North Korea.

1 week ago
What if it was a test, because the government knows what's coming?

1 week ago
Pre-Op procedure . The goal was to see how will people will react to authentic missile launch alert. WW3 confirmed, Hawai is China territory since ancient times and NK is nothing more then China proxy. Lol.

1 week ago
hopefully some of those people will realize they are not prepared and will takes steps to prepare. Emergency Supplies, (Food, Water, Medical), Basic radio for broadcasts, shelter, ... People are Sheep, it is a good thing someone reminded them there are still wolves and they might have to keep themselves alive.

1 week ago
If that doesn't prove fake news nothing does

1 week ago
when you elect stupid democrats to run your state , stupid things happen. and the democrats that run the state said last fall, they had held drills and everyone knew what to do. yet when the news interviews the people, almost all of them said they didn't know what to do or where to go.

1 week ago
"might not be ready for the real thing."
No one ever is...

1 week ago
Series of events must happen before that message gets sent out. Speaking from experience.

1 week ago
BS seems like a cover up

1 week ago
Good. Now you felt like people in those countries when you were watching those black and green videos of bombs being dropped by US b22s

1 week ago
Hawaii was stolen by American military. Military officials thought it was perfect for their needs so they took over.I just discovered that while reading about the island. Those poor people.I am not so proud to be an American the more I learn of our misdeeds around the world.

1 week ago

1 week ago
Vault-Tec sounds like a much better investment now, does it not?

1 week ago
Id say Surfs up! Not like any bunkers to jump into.

1 week ago
. North Korea will never destroy Hawaii civilian populace area cuz that's what the Americans did killing 5 million North koreans in the last war.
,,, Between 1950 and 1953, the American(USA) dropped more than 635,000 tons of explosives including 32,557 tons of napalm, an incendiary liquid that can clear forested areas and cause devastating burns to human skin. America(USA) implemented a scorched-earth policy that inflicted a tremendous death toll devastating the Korean peninsula killing 5 million innocent North Korean people.
,,, In a 1984 interview, Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, claimed U.S. bombs "killed off 20 percent of the population" and "targeted everything that moved in North Korea."
, US-Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas visited Korea in the summer of 1952 and was stunned by the “misery, disease, pain and suffering, starvation” that had been “compounded” by air strikes.

,,, U.S. warplanes, having run out of military targets, had bombed farms, dams, factories, and hospitals. “I had seen the war-battered cities of Europe,” the Supreme Court justice confessed, “but I had not seen devastation until I had seen Korea.”

,,, How can you bury 5 Million people - your family?
,,, it is worse than dying everyday!:(

1 week ago
The sensors read all the radiation surrounding the island, coming from Fukushima. Where are those inspector?

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