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The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see
  Published: 2 years ago


Here are all the photos flying through interstellar space on Voyager's Golden Record.


When Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 launched into space in 1977, their mission was to explore the outer solar system, and over the following decade, they did so admirably.

With an 8-track tape memory system and onboard computers that are thousands of times weaker than the phone in your pocket, the two spacecraft sent back an immense amount of imagery and information about the four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

But NASA knew that after the planetary tour was complete, the Voyagers would remain on a trajectory toward interstellar space, having gained enough velocity from Jupiter's gravity to eventually escape the grasp of the sun. Since they will orbit the Milky Way for the foreseeable future, the Voyagers should carry a message from their maker, NASA scientists decided.

The Voyager team tapped famous astronomer and science popularizer Carl Sagan to compose that message. Sagan's committee chose a copper phonograph LP as their medium, and over the course of six weeks they produced the "Golden Record": a collection of sounds and images that will probably outlast all human artifacts on Earth.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
Its weird isn’t it? Theres so much wonder and mystery in the universe and in our world that it drives us crazy not being able to learn all its secrets. Just imagine if aliens found this they probably would like to learn all about us when they find this, but we are probably too far and unreachable for them.

7 hours ago
well damn now i’m having a bad existential crisis lmao

15 hours ago
there is no single picture of paintings?

18 hours ago
they dont need to be superb engineers engineers they just have to hace a big enough jewish comunity then im shure they will figure out a way how to retrive the golden disk

22 hours ago
Alien:yum yum yum.... Let's go get them now.
Alien mom: wash your hands first.

2 days ago
Well...that was creepy

2 days ago
What if cosmic background noise, is actually aliens trying to communicate to another planet

2 days ago
The images move to quickly. There should be more time to view the images.

2 days ago
What's the song

2 days ago
Eventually aliens received them but they use feet inches and got confused by humans' systems.

Oh wait.

3 days ago
So, basicaly NASA has spilled the beans on how to conquer the earth and submit humanity at interstellar level?

3 days ago
But did they try to show JESUS ?

3 days ago
This may sound so cliche, but this video and these images made me think about stuff. I mean these pictures only show moment of joy while in real life we do the dumbest, weirdest things, like … eating tide pods

4 days ago
"A compatible codec could not be found. Would you like to download RealPlayer?"

4 days ago
4:39 img. 115*

5 days ago
i cri

5 days ago

6 days ago
This is beautiful ancient Kemet did this for us leaving evidence of their existence. Life is beautiful!

1 week ago
I think this video makes us sad because of how it makes you realize how insignificant you are in comparison of what was, what is, and what will be

1 week ago
Image 114 goes to another image named 114, then 116

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