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Why Kakashi Hates Boruto
  Published: 1 month ago


Our favourite ninja sensei Kakashi has had enough of the new generation at the academy basically calling them out for being soft with Boruto at the center of it all. He also calls Boruto out for being unfit to become a ninja. Quite a different scenario from the original bell test with Team 7 so let's take a look at why Kakashi is still the best teacher in the world of Naruto.

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2 hours ago
Why do all you motherfuckers want Naruto 2.0? Fucking seriously.

3 hours ago
We ALL hate boruto

7 hours ago
Comparing genin exam in Naruto where people died and shit this is just disappointing
No wonder Kakashi hates Boruto lmao

7 hours ago
I still think it's creepy that all of naruto's friends decided to procreate in the exact same night.

11 hours ago
Wait people like Boruto?

11 hours ago
I don't blame him

16 hours ago
Thats whats gonna make boruto a good series. The fact they're spoiled as fuck and don't understand. When war finds them, it will make for some good and dramatic character development. I foresee Class Rep dying at some point in the series.

19 hours ago
Goten was srtronger

20 hours ago
chunins are 3 man teams. As are most jonin in the field.

21 hours ago
I hate boruto

22 hours ago
I don't like Boruto that's just my honest opinion sorry :/

22 hours ago
Você já ouviu falar da lendária sarrada?

1 day ago
This story should've been sarada story

1 day ago
I do not like him at all. All the new kids are kinda lame.

1 day ago
How old was kakashi when he joined anbu

1 day ago
I don't blame kakashi for hating boruto bicuse not only boruto is lazy, but he's just anoing! Seeing how Naruto WORKT his power off boruto can't even get to the point where he wants to do it! Sasuke him self trains! And that good dam Boruto Fink's that he'll get away with just out smarting everybody!

1 day ago
no one likes boruto

1 day ago
boruto is much more interesting character to develop, hello????

1 day ago
Obviously coz hes a little shit.

2 days ago
Boruto is shit

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