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Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show
   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Published: 6 days ago


During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from "s**thole countries" like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S.

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2 minutes ago
It's TONS of whites who pretend to complain about so called third world etc etc. But if you ever go to any of those countries, you find that it's boatloads of whites building houses, opening shops and retiring in these countries.
I've witnessed this first-hand in Haiti to a staggering degree.
So please miss me with the B.S.!!!

11 minutes ago
Haiti is still getting fucked over by the Clinton Foundation, turns out they have a shitload of gold , and it also turns out that their gold is contracted to be run by Hilary Clintons brother for the next two decades . I know it seems insane but Haitians fucking hate Hilary and the Clintons for what they have done and keep doing to Haiti

12 minutes ago
v1251381 second agoI am an independent voter.  Twice, I voted for Bill Clinton, Obama twice and I voted happily for Trump.  I would vote for him againRead more Show less Reply     1

14 minutes ago
Why doenst Trevor Noah go after Australia and New Zealand for their very racist immigration policies instead of the country that has given him a home and comfortable living ?

17 minutes ago

21 minutes ago
I don't know what to call countries like mine where millions of people run from their countries through dangerous means and often die or get sold into slavery and the government doesn't do shit to make it better why would it not be called a SHITHOLE COUNTRY

24 minutes ago
Who gives a shit grow up

-from virgin weeb thats not PC and says nigger because people need to grow up and stop getting offended by words


27 minutes ago
I Think nobody from Western europe wants to come to the usa and i Think its also worth Zi mention that norway is at first Place at hdi

30 minutes ago
I know these videos are getting repetitive, but having Trump as president isn’t normal. Nor should it be. After a year of his presidency it seems like we’re forgetting how ridiculous it is. Don’t be annoyed with comedy channels, be annoyed with Trump.

31 minutes ago
Bahahaha, how many times can Trump make the media say $#!tHole on air?? When will the liberal media stop taking the bait and start looking for a solution? 2020 is only a couple years away and the democrats have yet to put a decent human up to compete against Trump. A little less hate and little more action please...

32 minutes ago
take it like a man puss

35 minutes ago
Trump called sh!holes, sh!tholes.

Reason prevailed. No, he wasn't being racist.

38 minutes ago
The Potus is exactly right! Those are third world countries no one would want to live in.

49 minutes ago
Trevor Noah is a shithead. OMG is that racist?????????????????

56 minutes ago
Typical liberals twisting the truth and taking words out of context.

57 minutes ago
Pick the Best Non-Wight Country and Move There. Enjoy

57 minutes ago
the black guy there is a racist, because Trump said the truth

59 minutes ago
He's just a true-blue asshole

1 hour ago
Should stop making beef with everybody

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