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  Published: 1 week ago


You Wouldn't Believe This Video If It Wasn't Recorded!
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1 week ago
In your opinion what happened on that first clip ? Was that supposed to happen ?

11 minutes ago
That wasn't a studio you know, that was the top-most part of the rocket where they put things that they want to release into space...

52 minutes ago
If Galileo was alive...

1 hour ago
You realise the first 13 seconds was the car inside of the top of the rocket? They didn't just glue the car to the top and fly straight upwards like you may believe

3 hours ago

3 hours ago
xD I knew it was fake

3 hours ago
My god EVERYTHING is a conspiracy with you people

3 hours ago
When they launched the car into space I thought it was just GTA 5 heavily theory is way better than this video

7 hours ago
Elon Musk and his silly bunch of b****

7 hours ago
That car teleported

7 hours ago
They couldn't manage to simulate the stars.

9 hours ago
“I do believe in space” thank goodness we got that covered

9 hours ago
The second clip is them trying to hide that it didn’t land on the barge successfully.

9 hours ago
The tires do not explode under pressure, why? at least it needs to shrink or crush! looks straight as it is in the garage

10 hours ago
What you may think is a studio is actually the inside of the top of the rocket opening up to expose the car to space. And the lights are their so that they can see the car and monitor it during take off.

11 hours ago
Fake everything era,

11 hours ago
The Earth not is flat..!!

12 hours ago
This is a dumb and dumber test...

13 hours ago
1000 dislaike and without any explanation? with people pay to discredit us !! if there are 1000 dislike there should be 1000 explanations but we won

14 hours ago
I feel the studio to space scenario is easily explained by a capsule opening. There is one thing I will admit is a bit strange and that is the video of earth glitching while the car doesn't. I honestly do wonder about that. Can anyone explain that one for me? I am not being sarcastic or anything, maybe I'm just missing something but I can't figure that one out. My family are photographers and videographers and I feel this is not something I can explain and would like some help to explain it. I'm not a Tesla fan but I am(I think) a SpaceX fan.

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