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56,000 MPH Space Rock Hits Moon, Explosion Seen | Video
  Published: 5 years ago


Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever:
A NASA moon monitoring telescope captured the blast, which could be seen by the naked eye on Earth, on March 17th, 2013. The object was the size of a small boulder and may be part of a meteor swarm that also flew past Earth.

Credit: NASA
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1 day ago
Hey NASA what happened to all the satellites that are orbiting the Moon are you telling me that not one caught that freaking Flash you guys are liars wake up people don't believe this BS

2 days ago
Nahnahnahnah batmaaaan~

2 days ago
Won't Doug be happy..

2 days ago
Reading these comments are seriously hilarious. You can definitely tell who the gullible morons are and it's the ones who get angry and try and put others down for not believing the same lies as they do! I especially love the comments about how stupid it is to actually look into the information and that we should all be as dumb as that person and go "okay sounds like truth to me, LOL" we should simply trust whatever "scientists" tell you. It takes far more faith to believe that we came from the ocean and evolved over millions of years which there's zero evidence for other than someone telling you that is how you are here today. For the people who are actually to stupid to investigate what NASA tells you I have a few questions maybe you can help out with and one that you might actually be able help NASA out directly since it's beyond their capabilities and so many of you seem to be so intelligent!

1) During the "moon landing" what happened to the stars in every single picture? How do you get to the moon, take pictures and not accidentally 😉😉 get one single star in the background? How does that happen?
2) if the earths curvature is 8" every mile, how can you see complete cities from 100-175 miles away from any place on the round earth? That's impossible, do your math!
3) maybe you can help explain this and help NASA figure out how to fix this issue in the future. Why in the year 2018 do we still not have one single picture of earth from space? Do you think the video camera just happens to run out of battery on the way back every time? Or maybe they ran out of film every time on the way back? How do you think NASA could fix these issues for the world can actually see what earth looks like from outer space. Just so you know this isn't something NASA denies either so please do your research before claiming the pictures we're shown are real. NASA admits without issue that they're computer generated. They also claim we have over 17,000 satellites or however many it is in reality, but yet still zero pictures? With the kind of technology we have today as they claim. They claim to be able to read a off of ground quarter from the moon itself, but it's not good enough to catch a single picture of the earth? Really? How many people here are actually are dumb enough to not realize this? Seriously?

The amount of faith it takes to believe the BS from scientists is mind blowing and I personally couldn't do it for longer than being able to think for myself. It takes far less faith in God and there's not but actually proof for that BTW! Things you can actually check out for yourself! God is real and those of you who don't feel like talking the time and think it's not worth the time to look into and going to regret that decision when you get to hell for eternity. All you will be able to think about is, wishing you had done nothing but look into it but unfortunately after that your fate is sealed and what is done is done. Now is the time to come to Christ and it's extremely easy and doesn't require you to do anything physical regardless of some people beliefs. Of course Satan has created false religions and deceived millions of people that way too. The only thing that is required to save you from eternal hell is the gospel 1 Corinthian's 15:1-4! If anyone has any questions I'd be more than happy help out.

2 days ago
it never showed the Flash how lame

2 days ago
Soon the moon will be nothing but tiny rocks

3 days ago
and,how they really know its a rock

3 days ago
I didnt see it.. i was dead at the time

4 days ago
UFO Landing on the moon

5 days ago
Well, it's 2018. I doubt lunar exploration is a thing anymore. Sorry...

5 days ago
If u think the earth is a circle ur dump

6 days ago
Oh no the astronauts are eating tide pods and are playing laser tag on the moon

6 days ago
What is that in USA measure ?

1 week ago
Took something that sounded cool and made it as boring as a 9th grade science video awsome job.....

1 week ago
More explosions needed.
-michael bay

1 week ago
why do we even need the moon? i dont want it anymore lol

1 week ago
Go Search Lunar Operations Command or LOC for short you will find in the US Space Command or SSP

1 week ago
I have my telescope, but is covered by chemtrails.... try it

1 week ago
Lier faces

2 weeks ago
The moon has craters, so it's not possible that it could be a meterite, instead it's a maria

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