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56,000 MPH Space Rock Hits Moon, Explosion Seen | Video
  Published: 5 years ago


Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever:
A NASA moon monitoring telescope captured the blast, which could be seen by the naked eye on Earth, on March 17th, 2013. The object was the size of a small boulder and may be part of a meteor swarm that also flew past Earth.

Credit: NASA
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16 hours ago

2 days ago
Don't worry it was just a guy showing his teeth after chewing orbit

3 days ago
And the moon just stood there, not responding back.

3 days ago
It couldn’t have caught flame, ITS IN SPACE.

3 days ago
Clean out your house gutter . Save all the tiny rocks, put a magnet in the tiny rocks . The rock that are attracted to the magnet are micro meteorite . They fall by the millions each year. Day and night 24 hr a day . So get out there and get some , there billions of years old , kids love it , heck I’m in my 50s and I love it. Remember God loves you all so be good. Thank You Pastor Paul D

3 days ago
We have many satellites aroung the earth. Are there satellites circling the moon or other planets and objects in space? Granted the tech will be different (without an atmospher) but not impossible.

4 days ago
the shadow governments did it

4 days ago
I don't believe her at all she is saying what is told

5 days ago
all bullshit no real vid

5 days ago

6 days ago
The revocation of science reminds us of the ignorance of the middle ages that destroyed external wisdom, and labeled it heretical. Me must not condemn anything that can advance the human race. We should celebrate it. To create a better world, unique beings with unique objectives and beliefs must forgo their differences and work together for the good of all. Progress requires cooperation, and the primary mission of Nasa is congruent with our tenants.

7 days ago
But they were there...?!!! Or not !

1 week ago
56.000 mph wow that's one hell of a radar gun they got to track the speed of that rock? LOL

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Ya. That astroid can wipe off all life

(Mabey idk I didn't do the math I Don't know the mass nor volume)

2 weeks ago
Anyone actually believe any of this?

3 weeks ago
56000 milles per h... why not 55000 m??? and not 4.8 tons???
because scientists... lol

3 weeks ago
Who's trying to fuck up our orbit?

3 weeks ago
Up next: 1000mph fidget spinner hits earth

3 weeks ago
all space bullcrap psyience

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