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Voyager 1 SPEED Compared to Other Fast Things
  Published: 2 months ago


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Voyager 1 has been traveling through space for 40 years, but it still hasn't completely left our solar system. That must mean that it's creeping along slowly, right?

Well, not exactly.

Let's compare the speed of Voyager 1 to things here on Earth that we consider to be pretty fast.
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1 month ago
Why "the last evidence we've ever existed"?
Guaranteed, before the sun dies we'll send lots of other stuff in outer space, even ourselves.

2 hours ago
5 minutes into this video and I slept ,, you're voice & jazz music is just little bit too much relaxation

2 hours ago
I really struggle with the american inclination to say "math" instead of "maths" I don't know why, but something about it upsets me.

4 hours ago
The fastest object we built was the New Horizons, try with it

13 hours ago
the moon started it's journey 11,000 miles away, in 4billion years it has moved to 250,000 miles away. moving away a few centimeters per year. the moon is slowing the earths rotation by dragging water towards it every time an ocean spins by underneath it. the moon speeds up a little too, so they are drifting away from each other

18 hours ago
So.. everyone like maths....

1 day ago
Your voice with that soothing music in the background is beautiful how have I not found this channel before

1 day ago
The universe doesn't end. It is a cycle of expansion and contraction. Always has, always will.

1 day ago
There’s no voyager 1 have some common sense people

1 day ago
2:45 air resistance???!!!

2 days ago
If in a hundred years we achieve light speed (yeah, yeah). When would or where would we catch Vger?

2 days ago
What if I walked to it?

2 days ago
nice video.
I just keep wondering, with this kind of... who are hitting the thumbs down button. Are people just randomly clicking that thang? Is it because they don't like the way the video is presented... or wrong information somewhere in the video... don't like the host... Or is it simply like those graffiti "artists" just trashing the environment...
Again... just wondering. Does anyone have an idea?

2 days ago
Terrible music......

2 days ago
you're a wannabe vsauce ^^ i liked it.
you should play Seedship (in browser) if you haven't done it yet, takes 8 minutes, great game
you have a nice voice but you should improve your microphone setup imo

2 days ago
kilometers is the only SI unit with the kilo- prefix where the first syllable isn't stressed in English, it's the second syllable.

2 days ago
Nuclear scientist accidentally launched a 2000 lb manhole cover into space one time. Its speculated to have reached 150,000 mph in just a fraction of second. They miscalculated the strength of the underground test blast resulting in the explosive wave blowing of the steel lid to the blast chamber only managing to catch a single frame of it in there high speed camera. Probably the fastest accelerating man made object ever.

2 days ago
Nice video Nice music

2 days ago
Sadly, the sun will just expand and go nova, it won’t blow up, and go super nova.


/ \

2 days ago
Or, OR!...... Voyager gains enough information to become self-aware, runs into an alien culture which builds it a pimped-out space Cadillac and sends it back to Earth in about 400 years to find its parents! It could happen!!

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