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Artist on Artist: St. Vincent x Jack Antonoff on Censorship, Masks, and Biblical Butts
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Annie Clark has been nurturing her public persona as St. Vincent for several years now, and with each new iteration, the power of her music and its accompanying visual impact becomes more and more eloquent. Last year’s ‘Masseduction,’ may be her most powerful statement yet. It made several best-of-2017 lists, and its videos for “New York” and “Los Ageless” feel like modern classics. Jack Antonoff had a hand in shaping these sounds. The Bleachers boss and pop producer worked with Clark on much of the record. We invited both of them in for a little chat regarding their chemistry together. It's part of our 'Artist on Artist' series. Along the way the conversation bounced off what it was like to play to small audiences in the early days, the problems with leather sex masks, and American television’s apprehension regarding ladyparts.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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St. Vincent

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
this is great n cute but the album is still underwhelming

5 days ago
Lol they had to censor out the word sodomy?

1 week ago
I need Jack as my husband, pleeease!

1 week ago
'Little shop of Horrors',

2 weeks ago
1:45 Janelle Monae fan?

2 weeks ago
He is so cute 😪😭

2 weeks ago
Get those candles out and put a fireplace there, these two dressed for - 10 °C weather

2 weeks ago
Can we have the whole interview unedited? Please???

2 weeks ago
He ruined st vincent new album

2 weeks ago
"I just wanna have no vibe"

2 weeks ago
yesssss!!! after Variety's Actors on Actors thing I just couldn't stop wondering how a singer version of that would be.

2 weeks ago
What are those censored words?!

2 weeks ago
so dumb..

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Wat happened to fun.

2 weeks ago
She seems like she tries too hard

2 weeks ago
It would have been even more interesting if all the ' like', you know like, like's... were omitted. I don't even want to count how often that word is used in an 8 minute video like this one. When did it become mainstream to not just use that word for appreciation or comparison, but instead to throw them all over sentences? Did the ‘like’ phenomenon arose due to people losing the ability to think before they speak? Do they forget their main vocabulary thanks to texting. and now have to constantly make comparisons? Do people no longer have clear ideas or concepts in mind when they speak, so they end up raveling around concepts to make each other understood? No direct idea where the thought is going to lead them and hence the pause and like… yeah, to process this? It's like watching mind formatted potheads behaving in the world of real people.

Or did people just start to copy the cynical usage without understanding the underlying purpose behind it. Adopting the cynical Kardashian/LA attitude and way of talking. Also imitating a frog’s croak when saying “Like… totally.”
People sound better without the constant, like, I mean, like, you know, use of 'like' more than once every minute.

2 weeks ago
I love Jack’s shyness right in the beginning when talking about the cover model’s ass and vagina.
Btw I adore St. Vincent, she is so amazing, talented, a killer guitarist, intelligent, and quirky.

2 weeks ago
Hilarious . You totally get the relationship from listening to the album. Still my favourite album of last year
Jack rocks

2 weeks ago
I am gonna be freinds with her one day. I promise this. You losers are gonna see.

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