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Mr Eazi - Dear Mr Eazi
  Published: 4 weeks ago


Nigerian native Mr Eazi reps Banku music, which blends rubbery vocal styles from Ghana and more pulsating rhythms of his homeland. A little highlife, a little hip-hop – the 26-year-old uses a wise chemistry to get his desired result. He stopped in to drop some advice on a variety of romantic issues submitted by frustrated fans. See what he says about fashion tensions, ego troubles, and the headaches that pop up around work-life balance.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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Mr Eazi
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Comments Directly on YouTube

22 hours ago

1 day ago
Look at this MR. Topi ooo. Lol

1 day ago
His laugh😂

1 day ago
Dear, Mr Eazi
You're amazing...❤💙

2 days ago
Zagadat!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

2 days ago
I'm amazed. great artist,great personality.

3 days ago
he looks sleepy

4 days ago
Mr. Eazi

4 days ago
Don't get me wrong because I have respect for Mr. Eazi, but why does he look so stoned? Did anyone notice that?

2 weeks ago
Mr Easi kinda reminds me of Jackie Chan in someway

2 weeks ago
he laughs like a nigerian

3 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
Watch that Kim Kardashian baby

4 weeks ago
If i get to 1000 subscribers by the next month my mom will take me to Disneyland

4 weeks ago
Me doing tha challenge

4 weeks ago
390 Likesx

4 weeks ago
nice :)

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