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The Commuter - Movie Review
   Chris Stuckmann
  Published: 1 month ago



Chris Stuckmann reviews The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, Elizabeth McGovern, Sam Neill. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.
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2 days ago
Non-stop, but now on a train!

2 days ago
This was enjoyable at least

5 days ago

6 days ago
Oh my god I'm the 1000th comment. I'm so honored.😜

1 week ago
The movie is like a C or a D. Not worth buying a ticket for 15$+. U stupid fcuk boi

2 weeks ago
Please Review Buried!

2 weeks ago
Despite some minor and forgivable flaws, this movie was a powerhouse. The directing was focused and precise, the cinematography was beautiful and well-balanced, the pacing was fast and rhythmic, the suspense was as intense as any Hitchcock movie, and the cast blended it all together. This is action filmmaking done right.

The ending was perfect. When he pulled out his badge . . .

2 weeks ago
I do not understand the hate for this movie. I thought it was brilliant and was constantly using early elements in the later parts of the movie and that was brilliant

2 weeks ago
i think they should stop randomly naming characters played by liam neeson in these kind of movies and just start calling them liam neeson. they're all liam neeson played by liam neeson living though liam neeson's life, because this is how i imagine liam neeson's daily routine is. and that was a lot of liam neeson in a single sentence.

3 weeks ago
One of the funniest things I've seen in a while has to be Liam Neeson getting pepper sprayed. I really didn't expect that and I laughed so hard when it happened.

3 weeks ago
Just watched this, loved it. He was hit on the head countless times, Neeson = invincible old man.
Part 1: Non Stop (plane)
Part 2: The Commuter (train), highly recommended
Part 3: The Ship..?! (or spaceship, more futuristic) Take a guess

3 weeks ago
i saw jonathan banks i wanna see this

3 weeks ago
What a good movie this The Commuter (The Passenger in europe).

Intense and ... that fight one shot scene ... have been bette than all the Taken reunited.

The composer did also a really good job especially at the beginning of the film with this montage of daily life.

Yeah !

3 weeks ago
To be honest, I think the hate that this film received by critics was totally unnecessary. For starters, no one goes into a Liam Neeson film expecting an excellent plot, beautiful cinematography and Oscar worthy performances, people go into a Liam Neeson film expecting an easy to understand plot, cool action scenes and some cheesy dialogue. The film wasn't perfect and it definitely had it's flaws, but it was fun, enjoyable and quite funny at certain points as well. Good review Chris.

3 weeks ago
I'm so glad to find a reviewer who just talks normally and puts the focus on the movie instead of being gimmicky or over the top. He doesn't try to be an entertainer using a funny voice and jump cuts like other reviewers I've seen.

3 weeks ago
"noble" you used it to describe Liam Neeson's character, weird how its also a key word in the movie

3 weeks ago
Just saw this at the cinema- it was like the negotiator meets the orient express. Now go to the showers in the gym across the street, and ask random men to pee in your hands...

3 weeks ago
Movie was crap, made me fall asleep, first movie that’s done that since the last American Godzilla.

3 weeks ago
Love the t-shirt. 😍😍😍

4 weeks ago
SPOILER: But I feel like the fight scene with the guitar dude is one of the best fight scenes I've seen in a movie in a while. Haha. Like... no lie. I know!!! It sounds pretty crazy saying that. But I just thought it was captivating and done really well. And plus I'm just sick of seeing fight scenes with over the top shakey cam and jump cuts every damn second. Haha.

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