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Megastructures - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) - Full Documentary HD
   Wisdom Land
  Published: 10 months ago


The International Space Station is an orbiting laboratory and construction site that synthesizes the scientific expertise of 16 nations to maintain a permanent human outpost in space. While floating some 240 miles (390 kilometers) above Earth's surface, the space station has hosted a rotating international crew since November 2000. Astronauts and supplies are ferried by the U.S. space shuttles and the Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft. Astronauts who reach the facility aboard one of these missions typically live and work in orbit for about six months.

Simply by spending time in orbit, astronauts reveal much more about how humans can live and work in space. Crews have learned the difficulties of diet, in a world in which their sense of taste is decreased, and of getting a good night's sleep while secured to a non-floating object.

But the crew is also occupied with a full suite of scientific experiments, the ongoing improvement and construction of the station, and a rigorous regime of physical training. Astronauts must exercise for two hours each day to counteract the detrimental effects of low gravity on the body's skeleton and circulatory system.

Ongoing Construction

The station has been under construction since November of 1998. In that year the first piece of its structure, the Zarya Control Module, was launched into orbit with a Russian Proton rocket. In 2008, the two-billion-dollar science lab Columbus was added to the station, increasing the structure to eight rooms.

The floating facility's design features a series of cylinder modules attached to a larger truss of a dozen segments. The Zarya Module is mainly used for storage and external fuel tanks, while the Zvezda Service Module houses the crew's living quarters and the station's many life-supporting systems. The space station is powered by solar panels and cooled by loops that radiate heat away from the modules. The station's Destiny laboratory functions as a unique floating facility for tests of materials, technologies, and much more. The Columbus lab was designed to house experiments in life sciences, fluid physics, and other fields.

Docking ports allow the station to be visited by a growing variety of spacecraft, and the Quest Airlock enables access for the frequent spacewalks essential to the facility's continuing construction.

Canadarm2 is another important feature of the space station. This Canadian-built apparatus is a large, remote-controlled space arm that functions as a crane and can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks.

The International Space Station may be completed by the end of this decade. When construction is finished, six crew members will be able to live and work in a space larger than a typical five-bedroom house.
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6 hours ago
The ISS is so fake that you can see it with a telescope.
You conspiratards are truly stupid. Fake, LOL. Morons.

6 hours ago
The earth is flat, just like your uneducated brains.
The ISS is fake, just like the intelligence you claim to have when making such stupid claims.

If you believe the Earth is flat and the ISS and NASA are fake, please for the sake of humanity and intelligence, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN. Or better yet, just kill yourselves now and you can help the IQ of humanity increase dramatically once you are no longer among us.

7 hours ago
but not one video showing the ISS being built = lies

1 day ago
Watching the stars gives a very clear indicator of a round Earth. Standing on the Equator, facing North, the stars appear to roll overhead from East to West, with the pole star (Polaris) at a point on the North horizon, the North Celestial Pole.
On the Equator, every star is visible throughout the year.
Moving further North, the altitude of Polaris increases as latitude increases. At 32 degrees North, Polaris is at 32 degrees altitude above the horizon, with stars greater than 58 degrees North perpetually circling around it. These are called circumpolar stars. Here, stars of the Southern Hemisphere with a latitude greater than 58 degrees South can never be seen at any time.
At either pole (90 degrees), the ONLY stars visible are circumpolar stars, neither rising nor setting, but moving around you, as the celestial pole is directly overhead. Only half of all the stars are visible throughout the year at the poles, and the Celestial Equator is on the horizon (0 degrees).

2 days ago
Earth Is Flat ✌🏼

2 days ago
oh shit, l was hoping for something REAL

3 days ago
All bullshit fake fake fake one would have to be pretty stupid to by this shit

4 days ago
why is it that whenever you talk about the soviet tech you show american flag and question american personnel? is it really so hard to give russians the credit they deserve? was it really so hard to sent the filming crew to russia and take interviews from russian astronauts and experts?..
2 things that annoyed me the most - first the things i said above and second the incredibly dumb sound effects.

4 days ago
So many flat earthers. Funny how their model explains next to nothing and has no predictive power, yet they still believe it. Seriously though, they can't predict eclipses, transits, the apparent motions of the planets, or anything for that matter.

5 days ago
Unwatchable documentary. Garbage!

6 days ago
worth watching

1 week ago
How bout no cgi and real footage...thanks

1 week ago
Fake. Show us how they built it? They pull that chicken out their ass?

1 week ago
Nasa is FAKE!

1 week ago
var isISSHoax = (ISS === (International Swimming Station + GreenScreen + ZeroG));
console.log(isISSHoax instanceof BullShit<any>); //true

Do your research people

2 weeks ago
Beware the tide of flattards incoming.
We must defend truth with reason.

2 weeks ago
Did anyone notice how the music sounds like it’s from a James Bond movie? Also, flat earthers are dumb.

2 weeks ago
Wtf collinise mars ther fukall ther cant go space balloons eat a banana

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
the international fake station..

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