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Mirai Nagasu lands triple Axel in PyeongChang debut (FULL)
   NBC Sports
  Published: 7 days ago


Mirai Nagasu is the first U.S. woman to land a triple Axel in the Olympics, and she won a team event bronze medal for the effort. Show more

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4 hours ago
i love miss saigon

7 hours ago
why were ppl saying she don’t look american? nowadays anybody can be american so take a seat. she did amazing like my god

8 hours ago

8 hours ago
Three cheers not just for their performance, but for the beauty of the human form's capability. And fine work NBC camera operators and director.

9 hours ago
Does anybody know the song

10 hours ago
And Wagner thought SHE should be the one to go. I don't think so, Ms. Wagner! (Your bad attitude didn't deserve to go either)

10 hours ago

10 hours ago
BRAVO Mirai Nagasu!

11 hours ago
She's such a graceful skater I love it! ❤

12 hours ago

14 hours ago
Beautiful. Congratulations!

14 hours ago
And here i am struggling with a singular axle 😂

15 hours ago
Good job😆

15 hours ago

15 hours ago
omg shes skating to miss saigon SLAY QUEEN

16 hours ago
Totally amazing! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 hours ago
wao wao...surprise..she didn't win anything......

18 hours ago
Rip headphone users at 0:29

20 hours ago
Yeeeesssss!! She is amaaazing... and then she's skating to Miss Saigon! 😍😍😍

22 hours ago
Just to help, the triple axel starts at 4:00

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