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Best Videos Compilation August 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 3 months ago


The month of August is coming to an end. Unfortunately that means the end of summer, but it also means we got the best clips of the August for you. This month we saw some crazy semi-truck accidents, high dives that are ridiculously high, and even an upside down pup marking his territory. So good bye August it's been real and it has been fun, but above all it it's been real fun. Hope you guys enjoy the best of August.

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Original Links:

High speed crash: Submission
Incoming traffic:
N-arrow target:
Slip n table:
Flippin Dinosaur:
Twist and chute:
Hamster in disguise:
Hosed off:
Bulls Eye:
Sneaky sneaky:
Flying by: Submission
Aim and release:
Wart Prone: Submission
Territory marked:
Oh brother: Submission
Beer boat:
You've got mail:
Boxed in:
Beer fetch: Submission
Shallow dive:
Trashed: Submission
Cliff diving don't:
Moth catcher:
2 for 1:
Sandbox snake:
Favorite child born:
Job well done:
Pet sitting:
Never-ending snake:
Diving to success:
Workout cons:
Jetpack vs car:
Dog woes:
Virtual fun:
Solid phone:
Stolen tow:
Weight Capacity:
Mattress strong:
trust me mom:
Drink on the fly: Submission
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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago

5 days ago
3:28 im 100% sure that is fillmed in australia

6 days ago
Was this not coppeid

6 days ago
That last mf needs a solid beating

1 week ago
That good video

1 week ago
boy think its his fish snake knows its her :)

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
John deere my ass lol

2 weeks ago
Too many snakes in this video!

2 weeks ago
1:49 that horrible to the 🐸 frogs or toads

4 weeks ago
Hahaha yo the dude driving at 40 seconds was drinking the night before!!!

1 month ago
let's see cute video click below

1 month ago что на четветрой минуте взрывается?

2 months ago
I would've MURDERED that last prick..

2 months ago

2 months ago
1:18 UFO

2 months ago
hahah @2:16 anyone whose been to Treme in NOLA has eaten crawdads from that Cajun Seafood shop

2 months ago
Flipping Dino was Cool!
Epic Win!!!

2 months ago
Pugs are ugly and stupid.

2 months ago
You release another video like this saying these are new videos knowing damn well that most of these are 1+ years old I'm not watching another thing you release..

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