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The 15:17 to Paris - Movie Review
   Chris Stuckmann
  Published: 7 days ago



Chris Stuckmann reviews The 15:17 to Paris, starring Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, Jenna Fischer, Judy Greer, Ray Corasani, PJ Byrne, Tony Hale, Thomas Lennon. Directed by Clint Eastwood.
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3 hours ago
Hollywood version Military:
"Look at the baby soda Spencer!!"
"Alex, shut the heck up."

Real Military:
"How much money would it take for you stick this up your butt hole Spencer?"
"Shut the fuck up you faggot."

4 hours ago
I thought it felt like a reality TV movie.... which I enjoyed

13 hours ago
Where do you get these shirts 🤯

14 hours ago
In truth this is indeed a bias against Realism which can be boring to many American mainstream Hollywood raised audiences, but hey that's life sometimes, more often than not, real life can be boring and patient. Many Russian and Soviet movies were are and were like that.

14 hours ago
So this is bias against realistic non-fictional slice of life movies.

14 hours ago
To me, the movie was ok. I think that it's cool that Eastwood got the real people and he had good intentions, but the movie is kind of a little too broad. Like, it focuses too much on the backstory and too little on the main event. But with all said, I still enjoy it.

17 hours ago
I don't know if it was their intent to show that these men were not the best and the brightest but that is certainly how it came across! The Spencer Stone scenes only show him to ever be a failure at everything. The other two have almost no back story.

17 hours ago
I enjoyed the film. It actually hit home for me. I can see why people think it could be badly told but, for me personally I actually did get attached to the story. Maybe it's also because I'm from the Sacramento Area too.

18 hours ago
My Dad went to see this movie. He told me this film made these brave men look like the biggest tools.

19 hours ago
I saw the movie I knew that they were not actors the dialogue wasn’t great. To me it had more of a documentary feel to it. I did find it all the more special because the they played themselves

23 hours ago
It really wasn't that bad.

1 day ago
Thumbnail shows unimpressed face. Don't need to watch the video, or the movie.

2 days ago
Watched it. Feel like you nitpicked it a bit much here. Not amazing but a C+ is warrented for first time acting this was not bad at all.

2 days ago
This was a great movie. Idk what you’re talking about. Some of the delivery was off but it was great

2 days ago
Could you review ‘Contact’ at some point Chris? Just rewatched after many years and really enjoyed it. Great Cast, Zemeckis directs. One of Jodie Fosters best performances and so much Nolan’s Interstellar owes to this film. Really interested to hear your thoughts on this one

2 days ago
dull movie equals oscar..... ect Pianist

2 days ago
I expected this. It looked pretty bad to be honest. Agreed, good intentions but it really didn’t need to be a movie.

2 days ago
My review for this review.."Two thumbs way way up. Stuckmann is brilliant as hell!" P.S. R.I.P Roger Ebert.

2 days ago

3 days ago
Crisis Actors from Staged Events Now Get a Movie to Star In -- so Thats incentive for the Next Crisis Actors -- to fake something

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