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How Does Google Maps Work?
  Published: 3 years ago


Google Maps is an incredibly convenient tool to search for places across the globe! How do websites like this work? Trace is here to discuss how satellites are able to show us maps of the world in great detail.

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How Google Earth Works
“Google Earth was once a premium program called Keyhole that cost about $90.”

11 Fascinating Facts About Google Maps
“Whether you've planned a road trip, looked for an aerial view of your childhood home or searched for public transit updates, you've probably used Google Maps.”

Students see world from station crew’s point of view
“NASA is helping students examine their home planet from space without ever leaving the ground, giving them a global perspective by going beyond a map attached to a sphere on a pedestal.”

Sally Ride EarthKAM

The birth of the spy satellite
“When the first American spy satellite failed in January of 1959, no one knew exactly what happened.”

DigitalGlobe gains U.S. govt license to sell sharper satellite imagery
“Satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe Inc said the U.S. government had approved its longstanding request to sell higher-resolution images, a move that could unlock $400 million in additional market opportunities for the company.”

“Imagery from the panchromatic and multispectral sensors can be merged to create 0.82-meter color imagery (pan-sharpened).”

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Satellite Graveyard
TestTube Wild Card
How We See From Space


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2 hours ago

21 hours ago
Satalites is a hoax they use cell phone towers

2 days ago
So how does really google maps work?

3 days ago
There are no satellites lmao there high altitude planes taking photos! Common get with the flat earth.

4 days ago
the earth is flat and satellites are fake! just kidding, it’s round. and, yes, that’s a dildo up your ass.

6 days ago
Streetview is not satellite image. How can you get something so simple wrong? Everyone knows it's using their Streetview car...

1 week ago
Welcome to flat satelite

2 weeks ago
Earth is flat ni🅱️🅱️as 😂😂😂😂😂

2 weeks ago
The Earth is Flat!, so how there could be satellites? :)

2 weeks ago
I can also c u 😉😉

2 weeks ago
Misleading title?🤔

2 weeks ago
can't get reception from tv antenna

2 weeks ago
make it to the level that we don't require CCTVs.

2 weeks ago
this should be advance on such level as from one room anyone can check coffee kept in another room is still hot by seeing steams coming out from a cup using maps.

2 weeks ago
How satellite taking clear pictures through cloud ?

2 weeks ago
World War 3 is over in the 90s. Next war is World War 4.

2 weeks ago
And we still can't find plane

3 weeks ago
And how do they remove all that clouds around Earth?

3 weeks ago
Don't show your shitty face and use topic related images to next videos. Happy new year!

3 weeks ago
world wide big brother is here

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