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Why is Trump against the Iran nuclear deal? | Inside Story
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


This is a last chance. That is the message US President Donald Trump has sent out after extending sanctions relief to Iran.

He has aggressively warned European allies he would withdraw from the 2015 nuclear agreement altogether, if his demands to change it are not met.

Trump has publicly branded the deal before and during his presidency as the 'worst ever'.

Iran says his announcement is a 'desperate attempt to undermine a solid multilateral agreement' that is not 'renegotiable'.

In the middle of all of this are European leaders who have essentially said to Trump: either back the deal or come up with a better one.

But can this deal be re-negotiated?

Presenter: Laura Kyle
Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm - Political Commentator and Specialist on Iranian domestic affairs.
Ellie Geranmayeh - Policy Fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations.
Ali Vaez - Senior Iran Analyst with the International Crisis Group.

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6 days ago
too many ads

1 week ago
Down with mullahs

1 week ago

1 week ago
Because Iran is a stable and independent nation in the Middle East. It's a nightmare for the US & friends.
This is not Trump really, what does he care. It's long term US intrests

1 week ago

1 week ago
Trump wants confrontation he does not want a deal

1 week ago
follow the money...

1 week ago
real good report.

1 week ago
Trump administration is trying to collapse the iranian government by forcing these sanctions or if that is not possible than creating so much uncertainty that foreign investors are afraid of investing in iran and thus crippling the iranian economy. Basically the US is trying to make iranians so poor they riot and force the government into tough decisions.

Trump is demanding things his administration knows iran will never accept.
1. at will US inspections of iranian facilities
2. permanent promise to never enrich uranine
3. an end to the iranian missile development.

Iran will never agree to those permanent demands, unless it loses a war.

1 week ago
The main reason is : NETANYAHU and the Israel lobby who are influencing him with wrong information. Just like they did with Bush and the Iraq war. And since he is not the smartest and doesn't have a clue about foreign policy (almost similar to Bush when he came in to power), the real power is in the hand of people who can influence him the most. Of course there is also the "personal" issue that he is against ANYTHING which Obama administration did (health care, foreign policy, etc)

1 week ago
YES RUIN OBAMA¨S SIGNATURE LEGACY. This is the racist Donald destroys whatever Obama did. YES if it was not for Obama we would never have a Donald, history in the making. America´s narcissism rules the world shame mental illness is the USA way.

1 week ago
what? He don't look like white.this fat men represent the gringos very good No education,No culture is Not a politician is just a Merchants with bad vocabulary.That's it!
He can't represent a first potency.who wants to be like this old and fat it seems that comes from a Carnaval. He is not a good example from the world..

1 week ago
It's because Israel said so.

1 week ago
It's impossible for the US to claim fear of an Iranian threat to US soil. Noisy Trump is a shill for the arms industry so he needs to keep us all on edge.

1 week ago
Bibi told him , do he does what he's told . The capital of Israel is Washington.

1 week ago
Remove burgers

1 week ago
Those who know the NEO/CON Doctrine, know a Pretext when They see one! The U.S. have been Working hard to "Box in" Iran for some 40 Years now. Though, the Clash of Civilizations Narrative is for the Domestic cretins' consumption. It is really a "Fed Bank/PetroDollar Thing". Ya' know? Of course We do.

1 week ago
Because Iran stand agins USA destabilizing & destroying meddl east for Israel

1 week ago
bully scare their position get threaten

1 week ago
You can't inspect Iran's nuclear program.thats why it's not good.

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