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How Bama Fans Watched The National Championship (2018)
  Published: 1 week ago


Its been a loooong season, but they prevailed in classic fashion! THIS, IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL! #RollTide #F17NISHED Show more

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55 minutes ago
That definitely sums up bama nation during and after the game🤣🤣 shew that was a close one LOL! Roll Tide!!

1 hour ago
That dude is a great fan!

6 hours ago
IM GOING TO FKN KILL MYSELF, I hate being a Georgia State Fan

7 hours ago
You know who the real national champ is? UCF!
But still, congrats on the win although you played a cupcake schedule and didn't play your conference championship again.

21 hours ago
See ya next year bama! Good game😊

1 day ago
You did not say, “Struggle Win”!!!!!!!

2 days ago
I'm probably 1 of the biggest Bama fans you'll ever meet but I wanna congratulate Georgia on a great season we'll see u next year. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!

2 days ago
Can we get papanastos some of them kickin glasses like the Georgia kicker has? It couldn't hurt.

2 days ago
LOL there's something off about that reaction ... like maybe you made this vid AFTER the game?

3 days ago
Even though I'm a Georgia fan I will still congratulate Alabama they played a HELL of a game

3 days ago
Which ending was better: this or the Minnesota Vikings game

3 days ago

3 days ago
You can do better than throwing your hat

3 days ago
War Eagle

4 days ago
Samoan Quarterback in Alabama! Whaaaattttt ?? Fuck it, Let's get Uce. SAMOA STAND UP! ROLL TIDE.

4 days ago
4:40 WT freak

4 days ago
Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa, am I right?

4 days ago
role tide

4 days ago
Hell I always thought BAMA fans watched their football with their sister, who is broke down like a double barrel shotgun, yeah I went there...


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