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The Emoji Movie: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition
  Published: 3 months ago


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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on What Went Wrong (besides everything) in The Emoji Movie!

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Written by: Alec Opperman
Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Edited by: Mark Potts
Assistant Editor: Andrew Nishimura
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

© 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
I don't think I 100% agree with the idea of the whole "Jailbreak had to sacrifice her wants and desires and be who society wanted her to be in order to save the day", and mainly because of the comparison to Mulan... really, its the comparison itself I don't agree with. Because if you think about it, Mulan did save the day partially because she shed her disguise to look like a woman.

Near the end of the movie, Mulan breaks into the palace, with her, looking as she does as a woman, and the newly disguised men acting as concubines. It's not as blatant, since Mulan isn't alone, but it's still there that Mulan uses what she was born with to her advantage. And in the end, she doesn't sacrifice what she wants to be or who she has become. She just uses what she has to help her achieve her goals.

1 day ago
I’m not certain, but could it be making a point about determinism?

2 days ago
I love this video so very very much. I watched Emoji Movie and genuinely enjoyed it in the way I enjoy The Room. It is so bad and unintentionally so as to become almost brilliant. You are spot on with all of this with even more racism/anti-feminist/utilitarian/existential issues not even touched on. A rare gem of a movie for displaying the terror of various systems all in one entirely not child friendly package.

1 week ago
Cinema Wins is just a rip-off off of Cinema sins. Also Cinema Sins know they’re dicks and they don’t take themselves half as serious as everyone else does. I guess you could argue the channels profiting on hating on Cinema Sins have that right to do so since Cinema Sins profits on hating on movies but still.

1 week ago
10:55 you sure!?
It did and does...
But nobody wants to hear a uncomfortable Truth.

1 week ago
Remember the EVERYONE!!! -line ?
Now imagine the cop saying EVERYTHING!!!

It's Jean Renault killing bad.

2 weeks ago
TJ Miller said that this movie had a very progressive message, and this analysis seems to support the theory that the progressive agenda ultimately wants to construct a prison so luxurious that people want to lock themselves inside. Or something.

2 weeks ago
Emoji are nazi
(Beep) (beep)
Film theory: yes
Me: have I got the theory for you

2 weeks ago
The jumping feels very graceful

2 weeks ago
Waaaait, can't these criticisms also apply to Wreck-It-Ralph?

3 weeks ago
The frankfurt school was actualy On the libertarian left and Said that capitalism was bad because it destroyed culture.
Any of those shitty conspiracy theories about culutral marxism where created by Hitler to silence opposition and aid his cause. all those so called "centrists" always end up supporting Fascists in the end.

3 weeks ago
Deeper then rick and morty.

3 weeks ago
90 minute souless commercial

3 weeks ago
Didn't Herbert Marcuse also believe that censorship was okay as long as it was against people he disagreed with? Honestly, i think that quoting him kinda drags down your entire argument, which i otherwise find really no fault with. Arguing against totalitarianism by quoting a guy who thought that censorship was justified in the pursuit of a utopian society isn't exactly a great way to build ethos with your viewers.

3 weeks ago
But it's okay cos everybody's phone is different- I use that broom emoji all the time!! So it comes down to luck, it all depends on which universe/phone you're born on.....oooooh, deep

4 weeks ago
You know?, toy story, wreck it ralph, sausage party and the emoji movie have the same plot, innanimated objects that are sentient, have feelings and ambitions, and some of them don't fit so they have to go on a quest to find themselves, fight something or some one big and ugly and have a party at the end, I know that recycling is good for the environment but even for that there are limits, I wish the christmas toy sued them all so they would be forced to pay a damn writer.

4 weeks ago
This very good analysis almost wanted me to see the actual movie.

4 weeks ago
It was a movie... That's what went wrong.

4 weeks ago
What went wrong? They made it. :p

1 month ago
M a c k d a d d y

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