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10 Simple & Fun Life Hacks
  Published: 3 months ago

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3 months ago

13 hours ago
Life hacks should be easy not these are........not sure what to say

1 week ago
I'm tryna understand why he thought putting fanta in closed snicker bars would be a good idea

2 weeks ago
Was the Snickers and Fanta drink suppose to be a prank?

4 weeks ago
such stupid things

1 month ago
Stupid useless shit

1 month ago
Dislike for the dumb snickers "hack"

1 month ago
i go try the sneakers prank

1 month ago
perfect video for miser lol

1 month ago
I taught the 1st is use for brusning the teeth XD

1 month ago
snickers with fanta it's a prank not a hack

1 month ago
messing up someones snickers and injecting it with orange pop is a total life changing hack i dont know where i wouldve been in life if i hadnt seen this video

1 month ago
I love the phone part

1 month ago
Russians!! Injecting Fanta in snickers... pfff.........

1 month ago
The most difficult way to clean your phone screen😂😂😂

1 month ago
at 4:45 i thought he was making us inject ourselves with fanta

1 month ago
The one with the egg doesnt work... Ended up with burnt egg and toothpaste all over my phone

1 month ago
Why would you clean with something that came out of a chickens anus?

1 month ago
Sure man! Uhm.. could you buy me a new screen for my phone?

1 month ago
I am your old suscriber. I came here with my new id. I see ur video from 2014 March

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