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Teeth Pulling JukinVideo Vault || JukinVideo Vault
  Published: 5 months ago


It's a right of passage. A coming of age. For this week's JukinVideo Vault, we've compiled the best tooth pulling videos. Kids and parents get creative with tooth removal. There's only so many teeth in your head, so you've got to make each one count. Whether it's having one yanked out by a Camaro or shot out with a bow and arrow, here's some inspiration for the next time you gotta get one of those pesky teeth out of your head.

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Original Links:
Dad Pulls Son's Tooth with Camaro-
Golfing Tooth Pull-Submitted
Biking Tooth Pull-Submitted
Toy Archery Tooth Pull-Submitted
Girl Loses Tooth-
Football Tooth Pull-
Archery Tooth Pull-
Little Brother Pulls Tooth by Accident-
Girl Gets Tooth Pulled by Drone-
Denture Surprise!-
Girl Drops Doll to Remove Tooth-
RC Car Tooth Removal-

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
such silly familys xD

3 months ago
American's and their dumb shit kids. Feeling like removing baby teeth is a massive deal. No wonder your country is so pussified these days.

4 months ago
The drone thing is kinda slow for me *not recommended

5 months ago
Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get it done.

5 months ago
These kids are all braver than I was

5 months ago
You mean a rite, right ? :p

5 months ago
Someone took 5 minutes to write out the description but not to GET RID OF THAT SHITTY AUTISTIC MUSIC

5 months ago
Gross ……

5 months ago
Drone one was not reall the best one an upper teeth u should pull down not up

5 months ago
Hated getting my teeth pulled growing up lol

5 months ago

5 months ago
I just pulled them out myself, after wiggling it back and forth with my tongue.

5 months ago
Wow those kid are lucky my mom just took a pair a pliers and ripped my tooth out

5 months ago
Funny, this channel was my replacement for fail army. Now fail army is my replacement for this 1

5 months ago
My dear old dad gave me a shot of Canadian Bourbon and used pliers. Worked great but now my DDR complains I always smell like booze when I show up. Thanks Pop!

5 months ago
Now I'm going to have a nightmare tonight about losing all my teeth... and theres going to be horrible background music.

5 months ago
Ya top teeth .. Why would you pull it upwards .. urgh

5 months ago
The little brother hitting the string was the best i actually laughed when he did that..

5 months ago
This is really adorable

5 months ago
This channel has to stop, it is pure cancer.

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