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  Published: 6 days ago



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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 minutes ago
Stop talking bad about Jake he is richer, he is wayyyyyyyyy better than you are and you can actually see him in the dark

15 minutes ago
I swear if u are doing this clown thing to Jake!!!!

16 minutes ago
is it me or was jake trying to act black?? like stfu "cuz" and stop trying to act like someone youre not

20 minutes ago
No your a baby

20 minutes ago
I like how Jake Paul kept saying cuz another wanna be ghetto person

21 minutes ago
i would love to be there il knock them both out him and his camera man

22 minutes ago
Wow he lost 1 mil subs over this ☹️ this argument is pathetic. 🙄

25 minutes ago
wasteman LOL

25 minutes ago
Yate you

30 minutes ago
Comedyshortgamer is laughing cuz he doesn’t want to fight him

31 minutes ago

37 minutes ago
Your laugh doe 💀

39 minutes ago
Yea cuz

43 minutes ago
Jake is Cringe***

45 minutes ago
Okay so your saying he’s just using this drama as an excuse to make videos BUT Jake has made 8 videos about this drama you’ve made 10 videos about this Drama. YOU got yourself involved in this drama by calling Jake out when it was your brother that wanted to box him. YOU declined his challenges to fight you after YOU called him out yet YOU don’t give a straight answer but you expect him to just say yes to your demands. I don’t know how y’all do it in the UK but we do things different here in America

47 minutes ago

stands 2 metres behind deji

1 hour ago
jake paul is a wet wipe

1 hour ago
For all of you who are saying deji and wolfie are soft.... common be real

1: it was at a random park in public which is illegal
2. There was no preparation let alone headgear
3. just because you call someone a name that doesnt mean he challenge you unless you want it to otherwise be mature and move on (jake has an ego to big to do that)


1 hour ago
Don’t diss Jake Paul he actually uploads decent stuff you are rubbish

2 hours ago
your scared bro

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