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The 'Sh*thole Countries' Have One Thing Going For Them
   The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  Published: 6 days ago


The President's diarrhea-of-the-mouth resulted in his 'sh*thole' comment during a bipartisan meeting on immigration.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 minutes ago
fuck you liberal trash kill yourself

25 minutes ago
2018 well on the way.. and trump still hasent been shot... im disappointed in americans on so so many levels. So many. And im a potato.

48 minutes ago
Donald Trump, looks like a milk Carten with is big headed self lookin like a cup holder

57 minutes ago
Will Colbert leave the USA for a third world country?
Of course not. Why would he want to live in a shit hole?

58 minutes ago

3 hours ago
They are shithole countries, the people criticizing should go live there. Trump has proven to doing a great job

3 hours ago
Being a late show host is easier than ever
"Trump = bad amirite?!"
*everyone pulls out their dick"

3 hours ago
LOOL Trump has such a stupid voice loool

4 hours ago
Here is the truth about Norway. Norway is a fine country, if you can stand long periods of darkness and cold. But there are problems.

First of, immigration is slowly tearing down our welfare system. Secondly, most of the high standard is based on oil money. Thirdly, rich people in Norway usually travel to the US to get their treatments. Fourthly, most of our medical equipment is made in the USA. Fifth, if anyone has any "special" decease they are bleeped. The cheaper the cure, the more likely you will get it. Sixth, our high cost of living has made us weak in competition with other countries. Most industry has outsourced to other countries. Seventh: Our drug and suicide problems are always high.

That being said: No, I would not have traveled to the USA. As US people, we love our country. Nothing wrong with that. Also I heard that the US customs treat turists like crap.

4 hours ago
Can YouTube stop putting this dumbass on my recommended! I keep removing it and it's still coming back. Fuck this loser and his head ass jokes.

4 hours ago
For the truth

5 hours ago
Why would anyone want to move from Norway to a shithole country like America? It doesn't make any sense. :P

5 hours ago
This is a comedian??? Who wrote his opening monologue ??? Mohamed? You have to be a real pantie wearing bitch to find this mouth piece of the govt funny.

6 hours ago
You know what’s truly screwed up about all this? It brings out the racist in others. This came up in conversation with my family yesterday, and out of freaking nowhere my mom’s like “Well, they ARE shitholes... full of godless heathens.”
I thought my jaw was gonna FALL OFF, I really did. It’s one thing to have a president who vomits every ugly thought he has all over every TV in America. It’s another to realize some of the people you’re closest to, people you thought you knew, share similarly ugly mindsets.

6 hours ago
My family is partly from Norwegia (the rest is Danish) and NEVER ever would we consider the USA as anything more than a lovely holiday country. But living there permanently?!? Why should we, Scandinavian countries are great! With sane leaders, too.

8 hours ago
To be fair though, these are shit hole countries...

8 hours ago
Hey's not Donald Trumps fault that these shit hole countries are non white. Countries aren't a race...they're a place. So what the hell gives when you take out that factor? Moron!

8 hours ago
That was a good one Stephen LOL

9 hours ago
Steven is a lying fag

10 hours ago
whatever donald said one thing is real
he or any other living soul can't ever never live without a shitholes not in the house en not als a country... just think if you suddenly get diarrhea.😅.. you will see how you will beg almighty God to show you a nearest shitholes..😱.. almost every house in the world have a shitholes Donald too HAVE several shitholes in his big house(Whitehouse).💩 we could say that Donald live in a shitholes .💩..every time he answer the call..💩.
i am sure that he eat every day one or more piece of fruit originating from shitholes..👀
Bon Appétit
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