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More than a million tweets react to Trump's comments
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


“Shithole” is trending worldwide, with international reaction to Donald Trump’s cursing.

It's not often a curse word is the top trend, not just in the US, but literally all around the world.

Hashtag shithole, racist Trump, and other choice words are the top conversations in dozens of countries. There have been more than a million tweets about it in the last day, and the numbers are growing.

We spoke to many of you online, who had this to say about the President of the United States name calling your country.

Al Jazeera's Leah Harding reports.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
A few years ago Donald Trump funded a trip for Rand Paul (who besides
being a politician, is also an eye doctor) to provide free healthcare to
HAITI and other to countries in CENTRAL AMERICA. These countries are
shitholes and could use your donations. The Salvation Army would be an
excellent choice.

4 hours ago
It's not the comment but the reaction which will define where most peoples minds are really at! Gutters are no longer just on houses, in the streets and sewers as they seem to have migrated to peoples thoughts!

9 hours ago
Trump/GOP losers.  Disgusting President

21 hours ago
Quote- melania & Michelle? Since when did melania say - "when they go low- we go high"-???? I guess w/that bullying program she was suppose to start- huh?

1 day ago
Something please end Trump!!! I can't stand Trump making America look this bad!!

2 days ago
If you want to anger a Liberal, tell him the truth. If you want to anger a conservative, tell him a lie.

2 days ago
For those of you who do not know, Africa has 54 countries. Many cities and regions of Africa are more advanced with better infrastructure than many American cities and ghettos.

2 days ago
Trump is such a disgrace not only to the US but to humanity in general.

2 days ago
Even if it is the truth, it's just hateful, and very classless to even say something like that, what a shame!

2 days ago
Trump's brain is full off potty

2 days ago
1% tax on all the oligarchs of this world would eliminate all poverty and need on this earth. But of course that would be unchristian and would create moral hazard#"¤%&
Kill all the very rich NOW

3 days ago
UM....NO. "When they go low, we go high," is NOT a Melania quote. It's a Michelle Obama quote. Al Jazeera, what in the world prompted you to credit Mrs. Trump with that quote???? BLASPHEMY.

3 days ago
I think, it is better African stays in Africa. East Asian Stays in East Asia. South Asian stay in South Asia. South American stay in S America... US is one ugliest mixed races example we don,t want to see.....developed your own countries, follow Chinese one Belt One Road initiative to improve your living standard then the planet will be better of. Everyone is happy.

3 days ago
The idiot abroad is working himself up to becoming the paria abroad.

3 days ago
One of the problems with the West's position and how we see other countries is the number of pictures and videos advertised on TV constantly begging for money. We know the UK government sends a fantastic amount of money in aid each year yet we are shown people from Africa and other countries crawling about dirt and filth. So this is how we see you, so ignorant you can't do anything for yourselves. Many people in this country are in poverty, they don't get to travel, they don't have computers and are unable to see for themselves what your cities are like. You should stop the charities from painting a false picture. Many of your cities are better than ours and your standards are better than others.

4 days ago
I guess the US Right will have to drum up the denial parade again.

4 days ago
Sounds like africa people are more educated than trump

4 days ago
Michelle Obama said when they go low, we go high. Melania has said absolutely nothing and that’s a good thing.

4 days ago
I am ashamed because as an american we dont agree with him didn't vote for him either

4 days ago
The Bible mentions the word appropriately to describe sin.
Instead of using the actual vulgar word, Aljazeera can say excrement or "a hole to be filled with excrement".

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