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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)
  Published: 2 years ago


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1 year ago
Jerry motherfucking seinfeld straight up looked the president of the usa in the eye and told him he makes more money than him

2 hours ago
Legends! It’s makes you weep when you think how good a president America had to what they’ve ended up with.

5 hours ago
Trump could never do anything this cool even if his life depended on it.

9 hours ago
jerry and obama will either profit from you or exploit you. have a nice day

9 hours ago
both? care factor negative zero. making language. berry swindlefeelu.

9 hours ago
seems like a non event yawn The desperate attention seekers are working over time.

10 hours ago
oh my. I feel for you Obama. Jerry is ten years at least. Behind. Obama was never a comedian. Not funny.

11 hours ago
White-washed, mulatto pansy.

15 hours ago
He should have said "those apples are only decorative"

17 hours ago
Fucking loved this!

19 hours ago
Love this show generally and loved this interview. Entertaining and informative!

20 hours ago
Great line about the nuclear submarine.😸

20 hours ago
This was a president with class. Trump is pure trash.

20 hours ago
'There's a lot of crazy stuff has happened in this house' Dude, if only you'd known.

1 day ago
Obama, the fake 'Black man" who became a corrupted prez. 8 years of nothing. Empty suit, puppet for the Liberal
dems. Barack makes MR sick

1 day ago
The worst president EVER

1 day ago
It's interesting that he misses his anonymity.

1 day ago
No way they can actually leave the White House because the president can't leave without government agents which is pretty obvious..

1 day ago
This was an amazing interview. Gives you just a slight peak behind the curtain go see what a person in power is like! If only the current president was as clear and concise as his former....

1 day ago
Jerry worth ~200 million USD and he still wears those tacky sneakers ??? !!

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