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Maze Runner: The Death Cure - Movie Review
   Chris Stuckmann
  Published: 4 weeks ago



Chris Stuckmann reviews Maze Runner: The Death Cure, starring Dylan O'Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dexter Darden, Giancarlo Esposito, Patricia Clarkson, Aidan Gillen, Barry Pepper. Directed by Wes Ball.
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4 hours ago
Mazerunner is one of the best franchises the first one was better.

10 hours ago
First one was fun, second one was horse shit, third one was unexpectedly a better piece of shit then the second one

13 hours ago
The 3rd is better than most movies

1 day ago
Please review the new death race film

3 days ago
Is it worth watching?

4 days ago
Chris Stuckmann Thank you for not being like every other trash talking movie reviewer. Essentially, thanks for not just bombing this film simply because it was “just fine” as you put
it. I saw it and pretty much agree with everything you said. Still gonna own it but thanks for showing both sides of a very complex adaptation. I’ll definitely always come back to this channel for what you have to say. Keep it up man!
👍🏻😎😁. ✌🏻out for now!
And dude, hoping A Wrinkle in Time is amazing! Waited so LONG!!!!

4 days ago
I don’t care what u people say but I am soooooooooo excited to watch this!!!!

4 days ago
Also, he should be commended for making THREE... None of that part 1 & 2 bullshit.

5 days ago
I think a little problem about this movie is that they tried to adapt some parts from the books that made sense in the context of the books but not that much in the context of the movies. I think it's no problem when changes are made to adapt a movie from a book, but it's better when they stick to those changes.

5 days ago
Honestly, the only thing I care about this movie is Rosa is playing Alita in the live-action movie to release this year.

5 days ago
OMG your Tshirt!!!!!!

5 days ago
I'm gonna unsubscribe a lot of subscriptions just because every time I listen to you critics first i never watch the movie

5 days ago
Why complain about long movies? If the movie is short people complain if the movie is long people complain lmfao people are never satisfied it blows my mind

6 days ago
I would've given this film a C+ as well but I saw it in a 4D theater and holy fuck it really impacted my cinematic experience. The action scenes and the journey of them going to the city was so immersive... So I think I would give this film a good B or even B+ :)

1 week ago
I thought it should be named Finding Minho instead

1 week ago
Maze runner the finding minho

1 week ago
What’s also commendable for Wes Ball is even before Allegiant tanked, he wanted The Death Cure to be only one movie and insisted upon it.

1 week ago
I'm sorry folks, but I couldn't wait for this film to end. Glad I used my moviepass card for this or I would have demanded my money back.

1 week ago
I feel like it’s quite good especially the action
Ok so book spoilers (I recommend u to read the book) minaho doesn’t get trapped, it’s more about the main characters taking down WICKED and it also tells a lot more about the backstory. It also just seems plausible. I don’t mean that the film doesn’t seem real in that universe but seriously outside of the city you come just in time for people to take it down and start a riot? Doesn’t seem real. But eh just read the book they’re better in my opinion

1 week ago

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