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12 Angry Men - Movie Review
   Chris Stuckmann
  Published: 1 month ago



Chris Stuckmann reviews 12 Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam, John Fiedler, E.G. Marshall, Jack Klugman, Edward Binns, Jack Warden, Joseph Sweeney, Ed Begley, George Voskovec, Robert Webber. Directed by Sidney Lumet.
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9 hours ago
Easily one of my favourite movies of all time! It is the perfect example of "less is more" since it's so minimalistic in so many ways but it maximizing everything to the extreme. It's amazing.

2 days ago
I loved 12 angry men.I also really like Stanley Kubrick's The Killing.Have you seen it? Very innovative film for its time.

2 days ago
It's not Henry Fonda but the eldest man who votes not guilty

2 days ago
Just watched it, and its excellent ! Thanks Chris..

2 days ago
Chris, as your next pre 70's film review, please review 2001: A Space Odyssey, it is an all time classic and probably in my top 10 favorite movies of all time, Keep doing what your doing, and thank you for making me love film and aprecciate it more and more for the past 6 years

2 days ago
I prefer Psycho more than 12 Angry Men

2 days ago
movie reviews that I would love to see:

1. Psycho
2. The Godfather trilogy
3. Pulp Fiction
4. The Good The Bad And The Ugly
5. Citizen Kane
6. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
7. The Exorcist

and more..............

3 days ago
I love this movie,need to rewatch the movie

3 days ago
Do a Tarkovsky movie, nobody makes content about him.

3 days ago
The Bridge on the River Kwai is a fantastic movie you need to review

4 days ago
A Clockwork Orange!!

5 days ago
I only didn't love raiders of the lost ark because I seen it last year or two years ago when I had already seen movies like it. now I know that was the first and see how the other movies copied but that's why I watched it and was like eh.... it's okay it's a regular action movie

5 days ago
I highly reccomend the movie “Rear Window”

5 days ago
One of my favourite movies of all time. The Prime of Ms. Jean Brody and anything of Michaelangelo Antonioni.

5 days ago
I try to show my family good movies buts its either they dont get it or they just make alot of noise missing the key pionts of the film.

5 days ago
A film thats is also largely set in one location and has lots of suspense is Harakiri would love to see a review on that.

5 days ago
We watched this in my 9th grade Civics class, in like 2012 surprisingly my class was watching the whole time ( I say surprisingly because it was mostly filled with preppy teen girls and boys who always got in trouble)

5 days ago
Actually saw this for the first time in my speech class. The instructor wanted us to see it since it was a great way of showing how a compelling and well put argument can win against all odds. It is definitely a true classic.

6 days ago
King Kong 1933

6 days ago
Metropolis 1920

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