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Deep Universe: Hubble's Universe Unfiltered
   Hubble Space Telescope
  Published: 7 years ago


Take a look at some of the most distant galaxies Hubble has ever seen, and find out why, when we look at the most distant objects in the universe, we are also seeing the cosmos' earliest objects.

"Hubble's Universe" is a recurring broadcast from HubbleSite, online home of the Hubble Space Telescope. Astrophysicist Frank Summers takes viewers on an in-depth tour of the latest Hubble discoveries. Find more episodes at

Hubble's Deepest View of the Universe Unveils Bewildering Galaxies across Billions of Years

Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies

Hubble Approaches the Final Frontier: The Dawn of Galaxies

Hubble Reaches the "Undiscovered Country" of Primeval Galaxies

In Deep Galaxy Surveys, Astronomers Get a Boost -- from Gravity
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18 minutes ago
But isn't the speed of sight....      FASTER than the speed of light ?

24 minutes ago
soooooooooooo deeeeep


1 day ago
If we are able to capture the most distant galaxies with the new infrared telescope, does that mean that beyond 13-15 billion LYs, there would be nothing? No galaxies, no light of any kind? That would essentially be the end of our known universe. Then it would stand to reason that if we did see light beyond that, could that be another universe and did it have a big bang of its own? Were all big bangs simultaneous? and if there are 2 universes, surely there must be more.

1 day ago
Think about it, this guy is looking at two dimensional images and using the presupposed " big bang" theory and spouting off absolutely preposterous ages and distances that are pure fanatical speculation.

2 days ago

2 days ago
None of this is real. The saddest part is that this guy really believes everything he is saying. You all have been fooled. Don't fall for the evil lies any more wake up people fake pictures of everything. They don't have any real pictures of earth from space. ISS is fake they are not up in the sky no one can see any satellites or space stations. There is not one real photo of these things. Even the math doesn't work for the 24 hour day at 365.25 days a year they are liing to us all look it up for your self.

2 days ago
Take a picture of the earth LOL. People are waking up. We all know that this is fake news and fake pictures from nasa. No one believes this shit anymore

3 days ago
Great video!

4 days ago
If we think that galaxies closest to us look fully formed and our Milky Way Galaxy is relatively young and the galaxies in the ultra deep field are not, and the universe is expanding away from us, maybe we are not looking into the past, but into the future. Just saying.

4 days ago
Awesome. Amazing. I feel so insignificant all of the sudden. Well, my problems anyways.

4 days ago
damn my brain cant handle all this info

5 days ago
Mezhdu galakticheska navigacia sazdavane unikalen algoritam koito shte izchisli spektralnite greshki na raseivane i prechupvane pri koeto fotonia potok ne konstantna velichina.

5 days ago
Can I get an application? You guys clearly need help with your videos. The curtain looks awful and the lighting is ridiculous. Call me, I can help.

5 days ago
In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD and God was the word and God said " let there be light" and God seen that it was good. All things were made by his hands. Amen

6 days ago
our brain lives in the past

6 days ago
"Looking out into space is looking back into time." That trips me out.

7 days ago
I've always had a problem groking wavelengths in deep space. My impression is that photons, i.e. radiation, doesn't actually move in the shape that this model of a wave shows. Why? You tell me what there is that would make the photons return over and over across the X axis, turning back on itself over and over as it progresses in distance over time. There's nothing there to make the wave formation out in space. I do believe in dark matter and dark energy, so I understand space isn't so empty. My theory is that dark matter may be expired radiation. But still, I see nothing to maintain the wave form in radiation moving through space.

7 days ago
There's certainly a sci-fi romance in this story about how we see another civilization many thousands of years in the past. The twist ending would be that that lone astronomer who's fallen in love with his distant romance is actually looking back at our own planet. It's really a great story. I'll just bow out gracefully now...

1 week ago
That is was a great imagination away from reality.
Thanks bro

1 week ago
The planet Acart circles Proxima Centuri. They are human . 77 trillion kilometers , 4 light years away .

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