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One More Reason Not To Elect Roy Moore
   The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  Published: 3 months ago


Like President, like GOP Senate candidate for Alabama: Roy Moore is now under scrutiny for sexual misconduct.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
Hey guys. You know what's illegal? Murder. Soooo... for all those people who claim that the Quoran says to kill people... does freedom of religion make that ok? You know what else is illegal? Discrimination. But somehow, the Bible makes discrimination OK under freedom of religion...

2 months ago
Shut he fuck up, please.

2 months ago
This is why there is so much ignorance out there & why Moore ( a Christian person) lost~! Any1, (& I mean ANY1) can make false accusations against sum1, does not make it true!!! These women lied!!!! Flat out purposely lied!!!! And the ignorant majority including the evil media grasped a hold of this & helped spread these lies like cancer!!!! Where are these women now that they achieved their goal... to get Moore to lose? Now where are the just intellegent people willing to stand against the ignorant mess? EVIL!!!!! has with no surprise in this evil world led by satan! Moore was a Christian man who boldly stood up for God's views that abortion, gay marriage is wrong & stood by the 10 commandments! Reason they did not want him in office because he would not put up with the evil corruption being delivered to the people via our government!!!! you Mr. Steven are just as evil as you spew your ignorance & spread this evil corruption! SHAMEFUL!!!!

2 months ago
No more Moore....and that's...OK

2 months ago
roy Moore is a scum bag

3 months ago
All  his accusers are paid liars who worked for the Hillary campaign and the one with the 'yearbook' now admits SHE FORGED IT. If this scumbag POS hates him, that means he's the guy you want to vote for!!

3 months ago
Moore sent Richard Hagedorn to prison, and he is the brother of Washington Post editor David Hagedorn.

3 months ago
What I don't understand is, why not turn over the yearbook, and have it examined. Get it verified, that it's Moore's signature. It really is that simple.

3 months ago
Roy Moore's logic:

LGBTQ+ Rights that do nothing wrong and make everyone equal: Heinous

Statutory rape: Perfectly fine

How fucked up is our government???

3 months ago
3:38 Lilly C.K. ??

3 months ago
Republicans are disgusting. Anyone who still votes for them is unbelievably thick or totally immoral.

3 months ago
Lol fuck everyone of you lying bitches hahaha.

3 months ago
You know the bible was written by people who didn't know where the sun went at night and thought leeches were the be all, end all of medical technology. So.........yeah.

3 months ago
When ever CNN, or CBS, or PBS..or yahoo news...which are basically entertaining "Fake" creation stories designed to "sell" you some influence by who ever paid them - I first laugh, like this fucking useless pile of shit, Steve Colbert - a mouthtoilet for liberals, I simply laugh more and actually ..simply vote or do the opposite what they say. Go, Ron Moore, go! Win! and let's take back America from all the sociopathic pedophiles that think pedo's marrying a 5 year old is the next right thing to do after gay marriage. Sick,useless shitbags full of shit occupy AMerica and need to be thrown out. Ron Moore stands up to these toilet filth people and that's why Colbert and the media is against / slanders / creates media poofer fairy "news" - that America isn't buying.

3 months ago
I'm voting for Ron Moore. Whenever the fairies, and sexually disoriented meat heads that can't figure out what bathroom to use, like Steve Colbert or most of these posters here, I KNOW Ron Moore then is the RIGHT man for the job. Thanks Steve Colbert. You convinced me perfectly not to put ANYMORE fucked up people in office and Ron Moore has my vote.

3 months ago
Colbert, you could be next to be accused of sexual harassment.

3 months ago
why do they laugh these things are horrible they should be angry

3 months ago

3 months ago
The GOP: Groping Old Predators

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