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Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)
   The Film Theorists
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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SWORD ART ONLINE is one of the most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO—so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how much our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 minutes ago
ohh okay lets start savingg!

11 minutes ago
if it's legit as good as sap ode spend a couple hundred on it. in the grand scheme of things if this is possible to make and it is a success worldwide and is the only one on the market and they can control the market I could easily see them at least breaking even ide buy it

60 minutes ago
Doesn't this anime relate to the Netflix show "Black Mirror"?

1 hour ago
I love anime

1 hour ago
sao made by ea:

Not dying pack! $40 not to die when you get fricked in the booty by a monster!

1 hour ago
This is my favorite anime do not judge oh I have that book that you said math is prettier then the other thing

1 hour ago
Get to it, bill gates.

1 hour ago
Gamestop still would give you 5$ smh

1 hour ago
Don't forget that in season 2 after both Ausuna and Jesus-kun. I mean Kirito get out. Kirito says that there is less data inside the game and that it is not as "real" as real life so that means the touch and feeling may not be as expensive as predicted

2 hours ago
Gets launched in 2022

Need to wait 2 more years for it to download

2 hours ago
But what about the nevr gear

2 hours ago
Bro 12:48 scared the hell out of me!!!

2 hours ago
I could have sworn MMORPG was really Most. Men. Online. Role. Play. Girls. I am shocked at this revelation

2 hours ago
Next time someone gets upset at Star Citizen, I'll just remind them it'd take tons more to make SAO. Kek.

Goodmaths, tho.

3 hours ago
"1.7 Billion" shows 1,700,000

3 hours ago
SPOILER ALERT: SAO still is a dumpster fire

3 hours ago
I thought it The Film Theorists you weirdo

3 hours ago
Why are game theorist in the film theorist comment section😐😁

4 hours ago
Am I the only one who dies every time they see the Snoop Kayaba edit?

4 hours ago
The dub of the anime makes me wanna vomit...

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