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★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD
  Published: 7 years ago


"How To get to Mars" is a clip from the IMAX documentary "Roving Mars" from 2006. This is an edited short version.

My photos:

DVD - Roving Mars 2006 : Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet @

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From Wiki : Spirit, MER-A (Mars Exploration Rover -- A), is a robotic rover on Mars, active from 2004 to 2010. It was one of two rovers of NASA's ongoing Mars Exploration Rover Mission. It landed successfully on Mars at 04:35 Ground UTC on January 4, 2004, three weeks before its twin, Opportunity (MER-B), landed on the other side of the planet. Its name was chosen through a NASA-sponsored student essay competition. The rover became stuck in late 2009, and its last communication with Earth was sent on March 22, 2010.
The rover completed its planned 90-sol mission. Aided by cleaning events that resulted in higher power from its solar panels, Spirit went on to function effectively over twenty times longer than NASA planners expected following mission completion. Spirit also logged 7.73 km (4.8 mi) of driving instead of the planned 600 m (0.4 mi), allowing more extensive geological analysis of Martian rocks and planetary surface features. Initial scientific results from the first phase of the mission (the 90-sol prime mission) were published in a special issue of the journal Science.
On May 1, 2009 (5 years, 3 months, 27 Earth days after landing; 21.6 times the planned mission duration), Spirit became stuck in soft soil. This was not the first of the mission's "embedding events" and for the following eight months NASA carefully analyzed the situation, running Earth-based theoretical and practical simulations, and finally programming the rover to make extrication drives in an attempt to free itself. These efforts continued until January 26, 2010 when NASA officials announced that the rover was likely irrecoverably obstructed by its location in soft soil, though it continued to perform scientific research from its current location.
The rover continued in a stationary science platform role until communication with Spirit stopped on sol 2210 (March 22, 2010). JPL continued to attempt to regain contact until May 24, 2011, when NASA announced that efforts to communicate with the unresponsive rover had ended. A formal farewell was planned at NASA headquarters after the Memorial Day holiday and was televised on NASA TV.

Hope you enjoyed it!
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2 hours ago
The truth is out there......just watch a NASA video

4 hours ago
you can finally see John cena on the mars after wasting billions of dollors 🖐🖑

5 hours ago

23 hours ago
Who was making the video while rocket was flying

1 day ago
striptease of a damn rocket

2 days ago
Nice graphics

2 days ago

2 days ago
Mars has 1/6th of the atmosphere of earth! 1/6th! A chute wouldn't even open on Mars! Total waste of time as there is no air, nothing to even make it deploy and even if it did what is it dragging against to slow down anything? No air, just vacuum means someone doesn't have a clue about their own theories.

2 days ago

3 days ago
Sadei mo bi........

4 days ago
I'll offer my life to take to mars my life sucks here on earth NASA needs me I don't need money,NASA don't need to pay money for me.I just want TRUE life.

4 days ago
This is in Facebook

4 days ago
BS - listen to the scientist and navy they work there since the 50ties - nobody is using cave age technology - the went there with star gates and spcae crafts from the ssp - the nasa shit is just show for the idiots

5 days ago
Nice mars

5 days ago
The first cameraman on Mars .........CGI at its finest, and what about the poor cameraman having to film it all, so if they can do this and make it look CONvincing, then ....well you know
What a crock of shit. NASA are lying about everything

5 days ago
А кто хочет летать безопасно на рубиновых браслетах и "летающих тарелках", идёт сюда:

6 days ago

6 days ago
Its cool but what a waste of money. All the debris that come off for only a tiny piece to go to space. I bet most of the money they invested in the whole crap, go in the debris, I meant all those parts that have to detach off the satellite. Waste of money, time and brain. They think that they are genius, can they not do something that wouldn't have to go to waste. For me personally, they are all stupid. They can't do something straight forward.

6 days ago
My name Abdul awal

6 days ago
Interesting video, i like it,thumb up,liked,please check back to my channel if have time,thanks

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