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Game Theory: FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator)
   The Game Theorists
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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For two years, one mystery has continued to linger over the FNAF franchise -- what was in the box? In FNAF 4, the final image is a locked box with the message "Some things are best left forgotten for now." But with the series over, now is the time to answer...WHAT WAS IN IT? Well, it's not all that easy to answer. Because it's my theory, my FNAF theory, that the contents of the box have changed three times. So what was meant to be in FNAF 4's box vs what ended up in it when the credits rolled in FNAF 6? I think we've already seen the solution!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Fnaf's fan is actually the villain

13 minutes ago

I am sorry pat but....

There is probably gonna be another game

27 minutes ago
you play as yellow guy from fnaf 6 in fnaf 5, look at your hand on the hand held divice (mike)

46 minutes ago
U said we we're playing as Michael in FNAF 6, I don't see how that's possible since Michael is spring trap, confirmed on the secret ending in sister location after u beat golden Freddy custom night. So who are we really playing as. I'm not sure if u will ever see this comment under all the others, but pls take this into consideration on looking into lol.

1 hour ago
Where's the last videoooooooo

1 hour ago
Dear MatPat

This is going to be a long comment so PLEASE bare with me, and I HIGHLY doubt you will read this comment considering there are 3,720,675 people (at the moment) that watched your video and i'm one of them, which means there is a 1 out of 3,720,675% chance that you will read this, well i'm never really noticed anyway, but worth giving a shot. I'm Zack and i'm 13 years old, I watched ALL of your FNAF theory's, I was thinking for a while and I finally thought, why golden freddy, now i know i'm not making sense but listen, we know springtrap or golden bonnie has an origins or story, its the suit the purple guy hid in and got crushed in from water, but golden freddy has nothing, no origins, we just know the crying child got traped in there and turned into golden freddy, right? (1000 apologies i haven't watched your theory's on fnaf in a while, sorry) now i know you may say that the child just possessed the suit which is why GF (i'm calling golden freddy that now) looks so dirty and old, but the easy answer to this is simply GF isn't the freddy that bit the crying child, the freddy that bit the crying child is fredbear, you can tell by the PURPLE hat he wears [cue the music] He's here, he's there, he's EVERYWHERE, who you gonna call? physic friend fredbear [cut the music] so my question is what or who is golden freddy, and what is his origins. There isn't much for me to say now besides keep doing what you love and you get success, but with success comes big responsibilities, I hope this gets in a video, but again I know you already have plans, and i'm only 1% of all the people that watched this video, witch means there it a 99.9% chance that you will NOT make a video of this, and i'm sorry again i shouldn't tell you what you should or shouldn't do, just suggesting it. So see you in the next video!
- Zack Careson
P.S your videos are what help me think in school, you made me realize anything can be accomplished when you put your mind to it, BYE!

2 hours ago
20 20+20 mode fat Pat hit the gym teletubbie oh and you know the adverts yeah they will most likely be there and Scott asked for character's oh magic rainbow

2 hours ago
I'm the bad guy.

2 hours ago
Bernie kemps and Owen kufahl have an idea! DO MORE FNAF VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours ago
for matpat

2 hours ago
It's a memory box. Or a toy chest

2 hours ago
Bernie kemps and Owen kufahl have an idea! who inspires the puppet in the crying childs dream matpat

2 hours ago
5 kids, 1 room, 1 accident, 1 pizzeria

2 hours ago
Hey Mat...
Got another theory coming yet XD

2 hours ago
I will Always believe the Coma theory. ALWAYS

2 hours ago
Fnaf 4 was called the final chapter of the Orignal story. maybe 5 and 6 are a different story.

3 hours ago
Then do the next one soon

3 hours ago

3 hours ago
Holy guacamole FnaF 4 was on my birthday!?

3 hours ago
Who Does Lefty Remind you of it reminds me of NIGHTMARE from fnaf 4 keep making theories game theory cuz you gotta solve more!

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