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The Mafia And A Nigerian Gang Are Targeting Refugees In Sicily (HBO)
   VICE News
  Published: 3 months ago


They’ve fled violence, poverty, and terrorism – and made the often perilous journey across the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East. But for the more than 100,000 migrants who’ve arrived in Italy so far this year, the life that awaits them can be almost as dangerous as the one they left behind.

This is particularly true for economic migrants, who don’t have the same legal status as refugees, and aren’t given the same work permits or financial aid to help them survive. Barred from the legal workforce, and with few financial options, many are targeted by criminal gangs — supported by the Italian mafia — and thrust into a life of sex slavery and drug trafficking.

That’s what VICE News discovered after visiting Ballarò, a small market area, and traditional mafia stronghold near Palermo, Sicily, where the infamous Cosa Nostra mafia syndicate continues to wield power.

VICE News went to Sicily, to hear from migrants who’ve been caught in the crosshairs.

Thumbnail image credit: Harriet Dedman/VICE News

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23 hours ago
if we dont deal with climate change, were going to be looking at billions of refugees. maybe its time for america and europe to stop being so damn selfish and deal with climate change.

1 day ago
I hope the mafia wins... CORRECTION: I HOPE THE CITIZENS TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRIES FROM THESE U.N. / E.U. BACKED TRAITOROUS GOVERNMENTS WHO HAVE BETRAYED THEIR OWN CITIZENS FOR AN EVEN BIGGER KALERGI PLAN AGENDA! And Vice News, Aka a spoke in the U.N.'s propaganda machine can go str8 to hell, and take this typical propaganda video with you!

2 days ago
If you let them cross that water you will see the pitiful things that they are willing to engage in. Nigerians cry when they are being downpressed but giving the chance you will see that they are the most wicked people ever

3 days ago
take refugees out of the title. They are economic migrants like you say in the video

4 days ago
Nigerian's with bad name everywhere anywhere

4 days ago

5 days ago
I like it, that people in the western world are finally getting a glimpse of where all their wealth and raw materials have been coming from for a century. Do not be mistaken to imagine that this is the end....the continent of Africa will empty hundreds of millions of its peoples onto Europe. Lesson. When you plan "A scramble" for another continent, remember that long term consequences will come knocking at your door sooner or later.

2 weeks ago
Send them back

2 weeks ago
It’s fucking crazy how history repeats itself everyday damn I don’t why it this documentary made realize how good I have it. I feel sorry for my brothers out there.

2 weeks ago
It's the eu's fault and ngo ships stop taking them and they will stop coming...all ecanomic leeches coming from africa

2 weeks ago
you don't want to mess with machete-wielding gorillas who have NOTHING to lose.

2 weeks ago
put Italy in quantaine.
nothing good is coming from that country anymore, it's gone.

2 weeks ago
Shoot them please.

2 weeks ago
Ooga booga

2 weeks ago
Send em back. There is no way that they have leave a positive outcome for Europe

2 weeks ago
So Vice admits the migrants create crime?

3 weeks ago
Why does the Italian government don't deport them ? These guys will take control of the whole of Italy and will spread to the neighboring countries.... Migrants should be only welcome if they contribute in a positive way to the economy...

3 weeks ago
Only one girl. Shame on males. Well-done, women, keep i up.

3 weeks ago
They should have been greeted by torpedo boats. That would have sent a message.

3 weeks ago
Well the italian mafia is present in Africa too !

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