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Corporate - Window
   Comedy Central
  Published: 7 days ago


You don't have to be emotionally vacant to work here, but it helps.

Corporate premieres January 17 on Comedy Central.
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12 hours ago
A bland mixture of Office Space and A Serious Man

19 hours ago
Why is nobody asking how exactly this is going to connect to the AC universe?

1 day ago
Wonder why the Abstergo logo from Assassin's creed is there? Is it supposed to be a reference?

2 days ago
Love the dark humor

3 days ago
this show looks dark lol

6 days ago
This offends me because people jumped like this on 9/11. Please delete.

6 days ago
What happend to the original people

6 days ago
Pumped for this show.

6 days ago
Another workplace comedy? Goddammit

7 days ago
M.I.T joke MAYBE

7 days ago
This could have been funnier.

7 days ago
Nice :D

7 days ago

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