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Hubble Zoom In
   The SL Planetarium Dome
  Published: 3 years ago

N.A.S.A. Images 3D visualization
Space Shuttle Atlantis mission to replace the Hubble Space Telescope's instrument and 3D close ups on nebulae that result of merging images and data.
Courtesy NASA, ESA
and others see video sources:
NASA | Wide Field Camera 3: Extending Hubble's Vision:
STS-125 Atlantis Hubble SM4 - Hubble Release [HD]:
Science Visualization of Quadruple Saturn Moon Transit:
Zoom into NGC 1300:
Zoom into an Infrared 3D Visualization of the Horsehead Nebula:
Zoom into the Sombrero Galaxy:
Zoom into the Cat's Eye Nebula:
Zoom into Spiral Galaxy M83:
A 3D Visualization of Supernova Remnant 0509-67.5:
Zoom into the Crab Nebula:
3D Flythrough of the Orion Nebula:
Music: YouTube Free Music Library
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1 week ago
If you enjoy videos with scientific content please like and comment on them so we can reach more people and overrun this nonsense of pseudo-knowledge born in the emptiness of lazy minds. Thank you for your support.

4 hours ago
planetarium dome thanks!

6 hours ago

6 hours ago
Hipnotic video, amazing!

1 day ago
space - the final frontier

2 days ago

Hi I have questions about the laws of thermodynamics 1 / The first law says that energy does not end 2 / The second law says that energy is constantly decreasing .There are contradictions between Law I and Law II .We ask you to find solutions to this problem

2 days ago
Muy linda la representación digital

2 days ago
Now flat earther thinks it is fake

4 days ago
It would b cool to see a real color image,then blend the color in after.

5 days ago
ha ha ha!"

5 days ago
tumhare tare kidhar hai

6 days ago
For a moment, let's assume there is a God/Creator/Grand Designer.
And let's assume he/she/they wanted to set the human experiment on our course, leave us to our decisions, our choices and our priorities as a civilization -- as a race -- and then he/she/they bowed out.
But most importantly, he/she/they made certain that the human race would not go anywhere -- that we would have to make things work here, on our precious Earth, through our government systems of control.
And most don't realize it. It's too complicated.
And what about Star Trek and Star Wars?
Whether he/she/they were involved, the human race isn't going anywhere.
A few to the moon, a dozen or so to Mars.
The cost is astronomical, pun intended.
Leaving the solar system is not going to happen.
Planet Earth. The permanent spaceship for nearly 8 billion humans.
You and I are stuck here. So is everybody you have or will ever know.
For all time.
Your children, grandchildren and so on, and on and on.
From now on, it's the way it's always been.
Make the best of it.

If there's a God or not , how could one not recognize the grandeur through genuinely observing and appreciating the universe?

6 days ago
mere rab ki kudrat😱

6 days ago
I came for real images 😔😞

1 week ago
What about the Spuhdoodledorf Galaxy.

1 week ago
is it real or just a 3D graphics generated by computer?

1 week ago
Its so impressive to see how deep telescopes can look in :o

1 week ago
Thats impressive

1 week ago

1 week ago
Bunların hepsi animasyon.

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