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Space Shuttle First Flight (STS-1): "A Remarkable Flying Machine" 1981 NASA
   Jeff Quitney
  Published: 2 years ago


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"This film documents the first historic flight of a space shuttle, the U.S. spacecraft Columbia, which launched on April 12, 1981. The footage highlights liftoff, the onboard activities of astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, as well as the landing in Rogers Dry Lake bed in California."

NASA film JSC-814

Reupload of a previously uploaded film with more improved video & sound.

from the STS-1 Press Kit

The Space Shuttle orbiter Columbia, first in a planned fleet of spacecraft in the nation's Space Transportation System, will liftoff on its first orbital shakedown flight in April 1981. Launch will be no earlier than 45 minutes after sunrise from the NASA Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A.
Crew for the first orbital flight will be John W. Young, commander, veteran of two Gemini and two Apollo space flights, and U.S. Navy Capt. Robert L. Crippen, pilot. Crippen has not flown in space.

Columbia will have no payloads in the payload bay on this first orbital flight, but will carry instrumentation for measuring orbiter systems performance in space and during its glide through the atmosphere to a landing after 54 1/2 hours.
Extensive testing of orbiter systems, including the space radiators and other heat rejection systems, fills most of the STS-1 mission timeline. The clamshell-like doors on Columbia's 4.6 by 18-meter (15 by 60-foot) payload bay will be opened and closed twice during the flight for testing door actuators and latch mechanisms in the space environment. Other tests will measure performance of maneuvering and attitude thrusters, the Columbia's computer array and avionics "black boxes," and, during entry, silica-tile heatshield temperatures.

The first of four engineering test flights, STS-1, will be launched into a 40.3 degree inclination orbit circularized first at 241 kilometers (130 nautical miles) and later boosted to 278 km (150 nm). Columbia will be used in these four test flights in proving the combined booster and orbiter combination before the Space Transportation System becomes operational with STS-5, now forecast for launch in September 1982.

After "tower clear" the launch team in the Kennedy Space Center Firing Room will hand over STS-1 control to flight controllers in the Mission Control Center, Houston, for the remainder of the flight.

Columbia's two orbital maneuvering system hypergolic engines will fire at approximately 53 1/2 hours over the Indian ocean to bring the spacecraft to a landing on Rogers Dry Lake at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., an hour later. The approach to landing will cross the California coast near Big Sur at 42,670 m (140,000 ft.) altitude, pass over Bakersfield and Mojave, and end with a sweeping 225-degree left turn onto final approach.

Young and Crippen will land Columbia manually on this first test flight. A microwave landing system on the ground will be the primary landing aid in subsequent flights, with optional manual takeover. Kennedy landing teams will remove the flight crew and "safe" the orbiter after landing. The first three test flights land on Rogers Dry Lake, the fourth on the main runway at Edwards Air Force Base, and STS-5 will land on the 4,570-m (15,000-ft.) concrete Shuttle Landing Facility runway at Kennedy Space Center.

STS-1 will be the first manned flight using solid rocket boosters. No previous U.S. space vehicle has been manned on its maiden flight.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago
To think there are people out there that refuse to believe what these men and women accomplished. Amazing work by a lot of very smart and determined people.

4 days ago
Thanks a lot for this. Thanks go out to you and everyone who makes it possible to see this type of documentary information.

5 days ago
RIP John Young, godspeed.

1 week ago
Can we " really" appreciate , what this took? We have all " given" for this. Some , against their will. just a little "reminder".

1 week ago
This gives shills like no other. All about it captures your full attention. Would be awesome if someone could remake this for Falcon Heavy

2 weeks ago
Godspeed John Young.

2 weeks ago
R.I.P. John Young.

2 weeks ago
I remember (vaguely) watching this when I was only 7 or 8 years old. Mom wouldn't let us leave the TV set as she kept saying, "This is history! This is history! I want you to stay here and watch this!!". Back then the space shuttle was viewed as some futuristic marvel that resembled something straight out of a Star Wars movie. That is how everyone looked at it....with complete awe.

2 weeks ago
JOHN YOUNG true american hero. He was working on the lunar surface in april '72, when nasa broke in to announce that congress had approved the space shuttle program. He replied "america needs that shuttle". After his Apollo 16 mission he worked and waited 10 years to fly the 1st shuttle mission. Now he does'nt have to suffer through scumbag miserable little twits who DARE to question the american lunar program.

2 weeks ago
RIP CDR Young....

2 weeks ago
Thank You Cmd John Young never forget....Rest in peace and Aim High

John Watts Young 1930-2018

2 weeks ago
So my hero John Young died today. I was 17 years old standing at the Banana River right off the Beeline between Cape Canaveral and Merritt island with my Mom on April 12th 1981. That is one of my most favorite moments in life. John Young and Robert Crippen Thank You!!!

2 weeks ago
They forgot to mention that besides delivering ISS - a useless piece of hardware - the shuttle was a useless piece of hardware. But it sure was beautiful to see it fly.

3 weeks ago
Same day Yuri Gagarin went up to space for the first time in April 12 1961.

3 weeks ago
81? The way its filmed and the way they speak it sounds more like a documentary from the 60's. How times have changed!

3 weeks ago
The EFT Is white?! Thats... Different? (I bet some of the people back then were surprised it changed to orange :P)

3 weeks ago
Wow, that's Sagan narrating this. Never seen this before.

3 weeks ago
Fantastic marvleas genius group of people there for working of batterman of man kind I don't have words to describe them people God is great

4 weeks ago
When America WAS GREAT!!! You were Happy to be an AMERICAN godlike yea yayahaha; D

4 weeks ago
Thank you I loved the space shuttle amazing times great channel 🙂👌🏻

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