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Ultimate Awkward Compilation 4
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Like this video if ur arm is longer than ur leg Show more

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2 weeks ago
YouTube has been fucking up my channel recently.... today my most popular video was made private because it's 'misleading' for NO fucking reason, my vomit compilation video got removed and I got a strike on my channel for NO fucking reason, and this video is 'not suitable for most advertisers'... FOR NO FUCKING REASON!!! EVERYONE COME TOGETHER AND HELP ME TAKE DOWN SJWTUBE!!!!!

16 hours ago
"He'll probly get over it in 10 ir 12 years or so.." lmfao

17 hours ago
Omg the last one killed me

19 hours ago
I REALLY need to know more about the kid found in his dads basement. What the heck is the back story on that?

23 hours ago
Lol not when you're paralyzed!

1 day ago
2:20 "umm... I think there's something about me that I have to tell you. I'm a man.?

" but I love, what? "

" I can't I'm a man I gotta go"

2 days ago
6:06 Rip

2 days ago
5:09 wasn't awkward, it was actually pretty funny.

2 days ago
7:25 I'm laughing so hard that I can't breathe HELP!!!!!

2 days ago
Taylor swift is a legend

3 days ago
I threw up

3 days ago
The guitar pick one was funny as fuck and relatable

3 days ago
Deja vu

6 days ago
Bill Pullman?

6 days ago
2:00 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'm dying

7 days ago
"the ceremony hasn't started

-i don't give a shit"

7 days ago
i though i was tripping balls at 1:28

7 days ago
why am i doing this to myself???? :/

7 days ago

1 week ago
'Probably get over it in 10-12 yrs' savage

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