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Joe Rogan on Louis CK
   JRE Clips
  Published: 1 week ago


Joe Rogan discusses the Louis CK situation.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1039.
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1 hour ago
"Joe Rogan on Louis CK"=No fucking comment and total avoidance of the topic. Nice job Joe, "tough guy".

2 hours ago
a show about nothing

3 hours ago
Iliza is a genius. I gotta get her book, Girl Logic. Who knows? I might transition.

5 hours ago
there was exactly 0% content on Louis CK

6 hours ago
Those without sin amongst you, cast the first stone.

6 hours ago
Why now? Because now we live in a victims society and its profitable to be a victim.

7 hours ago
"I wouldn't throw him under the bus"
I wonder if Joe Rogan would feel differently if it was his sister that got some wankers cum in her lap. Double standards deluxe.

7 hours ago
Iliza Schlesenger is the fucking worst comedian of all time and yet somehow has a huge ego. Why the fuck would Joe put her on this show? So many great female comedians in this world, and this chick gets a pass because she has big tits or something, pathetic.

11 hours ago
Dis bitch don't know the Punisher or Shane from the Walking Dead? Come on, bitch.

11 hours ago
This lady sounds like she doesn't know what she's talking about

12 hours ago
I wouldn't believe a word Joe Rogan says because he's very likely to say the complete opposite depending on who he's talking to. Rogan is a people pleaser which makes him full of shit.

12 hours ago
Who is Louis C.K?

14 hours ago
Joe should seriously have Louie on his podcast so he can apologize. It would be the most awkward and controversial podcast he's ever done. You guys can get high and shit and talk about the incident.

15 hours ago
The whole problem is the #metoo bullshit. A bunch of feminist cunts started it and brainwashed other women into trying and bringing men down. I swear, these allegations are fucking bullshit for the most part. Every time I hear of a new one I roll my eyes and say "show me proof bitch." I am so sick of the pro feminist liberal society instantly taking these women's claims as 100% proof when we know damn well women are not above making up false accusations for whatever reason.

Also, lets look into these accusations. These women are coming forward 10, 20, sometimes 30 years after the supposed event. Why now? Ill tell you why. Because the liberally controlled media is having a hay day with these accusations. This entire thing is nothing but women wanting either money, fame or both. A woman today can make any bullshit claim she wants against any guy she wants, and the story is picked up nationally. Also, I feel like they are taking innocent events and completely blowing them out of proportion. Here's an example. A guy goes to take a picture with a girl. The guys has had a few and when he goes to put his arm around her, he was low and instead of getting it around her waist he got her ass. Now at the time the woman probably thought nothing of this but now with this entire fucking sexual harassment sensation started by the liberal media, that women will completely change her mind about the entire event. Now instead of her seeing it as an innocent mistake she sees it as the guy trying to grab her ass.

Women are so stupid they have no idea what kind of world they are creating. They are creating a world where guys are going to be terrified to even say hello to them out of fear of them trying to twist it into some sexual harassment claim, that guys will avoid them like the plague. Soon guys will simply give up on women, and women will be left their with their biological clocks ticking away wondering why no guy wants to make a move on her. If the scientists of the world ever make a realistic, working sex robot, the value of women will drop to almost nothing. Why take the risk of getting charged with sexual harassment, ending up with an STD, getting her pregnant, or putting up with all her psycho female bullshit when you can go home and fuck your obedient robot any time you want?

The bottom line is women need men for everything, men only need women for one thing. You replace that one thing, and women all over will beg for men to take them back.

16 hours ago
hey jews have raped and sodomized women who went to Hollywood and it's not going to stop. Just like when jews create a war and poor woman are starving and will fuck fora sandwich. All this stuff has been going on for a century and will not stop and jews bring this shit out because the government is cracking down on pedophiles. So now expect a new story every day. Jews can blow up Palestine and put out one of these stories every day. People you got to turn off the TV and computer and go play some ping pong. No, the truth is jews bring out stories when they want to hide other shit.

19 hours ago
Wow. They have literally lined up and formed a wall to protect this asshole EVEN AFTER it's proven he did all this shit. Just amazing. Even Joe refuses to speak.

20 hours ago
Fucking again. He asked them if it's ok. They said yes. They later complained. WHAT. NIGGA FUCKING WHAT?

20 hours ago
She said there is safety in numbers "tell that to 6 million jews"

21 hours ago
i will always love L ck he can wack off in front me im down ... and if wasn't i would stand up and walk out not sit there like a pathitic weak asss woman

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